A mother grieves a murdered son in Minneapolis. A Cambodian youth is forced into slave labor. An Aboriginal Australian toddler is torn from her loving family and placed in foster care by the government. These were the events that plunged Mary Johnson, Kilong Ung and Debra Hocking into a world filled with unimaginable trauma and loss. Yet each one not only survived, but thrived. How did their journey through grief bring them to profound compassion? How did they find it in their hearts to forgive the unforgivable?

Forgiving the Unforgivable is a thought-provoking documentary that explores resilience, and the difficult process of moving from grief to compassion to forgiveness. Through three unforgettable and uplifting stories, Forgiving the Unforgivable challenges us to examine our own beliefs about forgiveness and ask “What would the world look like if we could learn to forgive one another?”

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Directed by 

Dawn Mikkelson 

Produced by 

Miranda Wilson & Dawn Mikkelson 


Matt Ehling (United States) 

Jesse Roesler (Cambodia) 

Emma Paine (Sydney, NSW, Australia) 

Russell Hawkins (Weetapoona, Tasmania, Australia) 

Edited by 

Peter Rhodes 

Dawn Mikkelson 

Consulting Editor 

Doug Blush, A.C.E. 

Original Music by 

Chris Strouth 

Consulting Producer 

Lu Lippold 

Music Supervisor 

Kevin Beacham

Additional Camera Work 

Adrian Danciu 

Kent Truong 

D.A. Bullock 

Dawn Mikkelson 

Monte Swann 

Fritzie Borgwardt 

Heidi Tungseth 

Miranda Wilson 

Sound Design & Production Remix 

John Sims 

Festival Sound Mix 

Carly Zuckweiler 

Color Correction 

Matt Ehling 

Choral Music Recording 

Alek Roslik 

Associate Producers 

Matt Ehling 

Louisa Hext 

Producers - Kickstarter 

Charisse Baker 

Clyde Cutting 

Producers - Seed&Spark 

Ben Fuchs 

Mary Gearen 

Nancy Jacobs & Mark Sandercott 

Robin Shohet 

Joycelyn Wilson 

Findhorn Foundation 

Sundance Family Foundation 

Choral elements in original score 

Directed by Randall Davidson 

Recorded at Central Lutheran Church, MPLS 

Choir Members 

Eric Bartlett 

Abbie Bettinis 

Cindy Bergstrom 

Gabrielle Doran 

Matthew Ferguson 

Jon Guyton 

Whitney Hanson 

Ingrid Haugen 

Kathy Lee 

Maryann Malec 

Jisselle McCollam 

Chris Nelson 

Heather Nelson 

Gerry Schmidt 

Shahzore Shah 

Charles Smith 

Eric Smith 

Mallory Warner-Richter 

Jack Vishneski 

Kristen Winegar 



Written by Stephen Fandrich 

Performed by Seattle Harmonic Voices 

Courtesy of Monktail Creative Music Concern 

“Pangea (instrumental)” & "Eleven" 

Written & Performed by Big Cats 


Produced & Written by Cecil Otter Doomtree Records LLC 

"Senseless Waste" & "Tragic Result" 

Tom Phillips / OBT Music 

"Have Faith" 

Doug Hammer/Doug Hammer Music 


Jeesun Choi 

Monte Swann 

Heidi Tungseth 

Additional Footage 

Bophana Audiovisual Resource Center (Cambodia) 

Parliamentary Audio Visual Services (Australia)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Library Sales 


Translation (Cambodia) 

Chanpanhara Oum – production 

Sopheak Hoeun – post-production 


Sandi Roesler 

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The Fetzer Institute 

The McKnight Foundation (2010 Fellowship) 

The Pachamama Alliance (Possible Futures) 

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Bonneary & David Simas 

Jon Springer 

Kevin Stifter 

Monte Swann 

346 Seed&Spark Supporters 


Kenneth Kunkle 

Daniel Boen 

Special Thanks (United States)

Mary (Johnson) Roy 

O'shea Israel 

JXTA Public Art Studio 

“Who We Are” Mural 

Designed by Youth and Adult Artists 

With Jamal Cyrus, Roger Cummings, And Tia Simone-Gardner.

Matt Anderson 

Susan Campion 

Sheri Candler 

Rosalyn Claret 

Jim Connell 

Julia Dinsmore 

Connie “CJ” Davis 

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U of M Center for Restorative Justice & Peacemaking 

Special Thanks (Cambodia)

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Special Thanks (Australia)

Debra Hocking 

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Chloe Moscrop 

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