Since August 2017, more than 600,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar’s Rakhine province for neighbouring Bangladesh. According to the UN, the current exodus began when the Myanmar army began a campaign of “ethnic cleansing” against the mostly Muslim ethnic minority, following insurgent attacks. The Rohingya have lived in Myanmar, a predominantly Buddhist country for generations. They have been denied citizenship and persecuted by the Myanmar government, which says they are illegal immigrants. In Behind the Rohingya Crisis, BAFTA Award-winning reporter Mobeen Azhar travels to Myanmar to investigate the the simmering religious and political tensions underlying this ongoing conflict.

Buddhism is often associated with teachings of nonviolence and compassion, but in Myanmar, some nationalist Buddhists are being blamed for inciting bloodshed and stoking ethnic cleansing. Why are some Buddhist monks inciting hate in the name of defending their faith?

As he travels through the country, Mobeen reveals stories of distrust and hatred between the Buddhist and Muslim communities. And, he encounters hardline Buddhists who feel that their faith and nation need defending from the minority Muslim population. Featuring exclusive interviews with leading figures including Burmese Minister of Religious Affairs Thura Aung Ko and controversial Buddhist Nationalist leader Ashin Wirathu, Behind the Rohingya Crisis looks at the sectarian tensions in modern day Myanmar, as well as its troubled political history.

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