A Very Royal Wedding

Celebrating the marriage of the Queen and Prince Philip in 1947, A Very Royal Wedding looks back on the day with rare colour archival footage and recreates the exquisite details - from the spectacular engagement ring to the 9-foot-high wedding cake.

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A Very Royal Wedding

The Passionate Eye

Before the lavish ceremony for William and Kate, and before Charles and Diana’s fairytale nuptials, there was the glamorous wedding of Elizabeth and Philip. A Very Royal Wedding celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Queen and Prince Philip’s marriage in November 1947.

Set against the backdrop of a battered post-war Britain when resources were scarce and rationing was common, the country pitched in to pull off an extravagant occasion against the odds. This was “the people’s wedding” and presenter Alexander Armstrong meets the ordinary people who made this such a special day, including one of the seamstresses responsible for the spectacular wedding dress. With an army of experts, Armstrong recreates the glamorous details - the Queen’s exquisite 3-carat diamond engagement ring, her beautiful wedding bouquet and her show-stopping 9-foot-high, 500-pound wedding cake.

A Very Royal Wedding includes contributions from actors Joan Collins and Sheila Hancock, sharing their memories of the wedding, as well as revealing insights from those who were part of the big day, such as page boy Prince Michael of Kent. Featuring colour archival footage, some never seen before, and the Queen’s own private home movies, A Very Royal Wedding celebrates the royal event of the 20th century.