Monday December 7 Plastic Wars Did the plastics industry use the lure of recycling to sell even more plastic? A look at the mounting crisis of plastic waste in the environment. More »
Saturday October 31 The Twinning Reaction Identical twins were separated at birth and secretly studied by psychologists for decades in an infamous research experiment. The Twinning Reaction explores the often tragic long-term effects of these separations and the enduring bonds the twins share. More »
Saturday October 17 I am Human Meet some of the world's first cyborgs. Follow the journey of three medical pioneers and the scientists working with them as together they try to unlock the secrets of the brain. More »
Saturday October 10 The AI Race How will artificial Intelligence change your job? From truck drivers to lawyers and doctors, new research shows how much of what you do could be done by robots. More »
Saturday October 3 The Choice 2020: Trump vs. Biden The story of a deeply divided nation through the lives of the two men who want to lead it. The film interweaves investigative biographies of the major party candidates vying for the American presidency: President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. More »
Available on CBC Gem Vaccine Wars The anti-vaccine movement is a potential public health catastrophe. Where did anti-vax ideas originate, how have they spread across the globe and why do people believe them despite scientific evidence to the contrary? More »
Available on CBC Gem Cuba’s Cancer Hope Could a lung cancer vaccine give hope to patients across the world? Innovative treatments developed in Cuba are transforming some cancers from life-threatening into chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. More »
Available on CBC Gem NRA Under Fire The NRA, once an unrivaled political power, is under attack. An investigation how the organization aligned itself with President Donald Trump and his base. More »
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