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features Concern about mandatory vaccination is not a new phenomenon in Canada Although the majority of Canadian children are immunized, some parents have lingering misconceptions about vaccines More »
Article 5 ways doctors and scientists are fighting antibiotic resistance If nothing is done, drug-resistant infections could kill 10 million people a year by 2050 More »
Article How the NRA, a powerful influence on American politics, found itself under attack “If I’m elected, NRA, I’m coming for you,” said Democratic nominee Joe Biden More »
Article ‘Amazon knows more about you than your best friend or your doctor’ Our online behaviour can tell the company more than we think — and this could have a big impact on our lives More »
Article ‘Getting a good night’s sleep is possibly the single most important thing you can do,’ says health expert In new documentary How to Get More Sleep, scientists explain why we need sleep and how to get more of it More »
features This mother of six is a judge and like no other woman in her Brooklyn Hasidic community “You can maintain all your traditions, all your customs, be faithful to your religion and still be successful.” More »
features In Xinjiang, China, surveillance technology is used to help the state control its citizens We should be wary of the government exporting this technology to other countries, says documentary filmmaker More »
features 7 tips to keep your body young Simple lifestyle changes that may prevent your body from aging prematurely More »
features Sibling feuds are a Royal Family tradition Royal watchers say Princes William and Harry have a strained relationship, but they're not the first royal siblings rumoured to be at odds. More »
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