The Furchester Hotel


The Furchester Hotel

Welcome to The Furchester Hotel, an almost world-class establishment run by a tight-knit family of cheerfully incompetent monsters, including the owner Funella Furchester, her dear and beleaguered husband Furgus Fuzz, and their daughter, the unflappable Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz.

Once guests arrive, they are quick to discover Isabel, the furriest front desk bell in the business. Meanwhile, Elmo, Phoebe’s cousin, is on an extended visit and fascinated by all the hotel has to offer. And Cookie Monster? He's there, too, and he's landed his dream job as a room service and dining room waiter!

The family will bend over backward, forward, and sideways (occasionally tipping over) to be sure the needs of every guest are met, because a Furchester never gives up! And be sure to watch for a few special visits from some very familiar faces, like The Count and Big Bird!




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