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Snapshots is an unscripted live-action photography competition series where kids compete to take the best photo ever! In each episode, three kids go head-to-head, putting their speed, skills and creativity to the test in two epic picture-snapping challenges. Expert photographers judge their photos, but only one of them can be named the winner of Snapshots!

The host of Snapshots with two kids, jumping for joy.

If you have a little photographer who wants to get in on the action, they can participate in one of six weekly online photo challenges starting on September 10, 2016 at 9 a.m. ET. Each week, one photographer will win a camera!

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Meet the Host: Dalmar Abuzeid

Dalmar Abuzeid, the host of Snapshots, smiling brightly

Dalmar is the photo-loving host of Snapshots! In each episode Dalmar guides three competitors through two crazy photography challenges and makes sure that team Snapshots stays focused on the prize. Before Snapshots Dalmar was on Degrassi TNG and hosted the afterschool block on TVO Kids. Dalmar is a master of silly selfies and his favourite thing to take pictures of is cool stuff he sees on vacation.

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