RECAP is a digital-only news roundup show featuring a cast of sidekicks and host Myah Elliott for kids ages 13+. Due to a site limitation, our age widgets do not go above 6+. This show has never been intended for children under the age of 13, and the CBC Parents product team is working on resolving this issue, so that widgets can be more clear in the future.

In a world of real news, fake news, clickbait and hot takes, it's no wonder our heads are spinning from all of the information.

And it's not just us parents and caregivers filling our heads until they feel like they could explode, it's our kids! Everything is just so available.

But if all of that information was just spilled out on your floor, you'd call it clutter, right? You'd take a broom and a dust pan and you'd put whatever's junk right in the bin! Goodbye, things you don't need.

But you can't always do that in the age of information — it just comes keeps coming, like a conveyor belt of chocolates that's set to high speed and only gets faster and faster (shout out to adults who watched I Love Lucy).

On any day, at any second, a meme, a tweet, a news blast or a shocking instagram reveal will spread like 2019's late-summer cold. And our kids are watching.

News becomes relevant and irrelevant at the same speed. So, what do our teens do?

That's where RECAP comes in — it's a brand-new fast and fun weekly news roundup hosted by Myah Elliott and her squad that cuts the clutter, unpacking the stories and pop culture that are truly important to teens.

Where to Watch RECAP

  • A new episode will be available to stream every Friday beginning October 18, 2019 at and YouTube
  • Weekly episodes will broadcast Saturdays on CBC TV at 11:53 a.m..
  • You can also stream RECAP at CBC Gem.

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