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Bookaboo is a world famous rock puppy who tours the globe with his band, playing drums to packed stadiums of adoring fans. However, there's just one hitch for our rock puppy superstar - he can't play without a story a day!

Each episode features rock star puppy Bookaboo and a famous Canadian celebrity sharing a book. When they're finished reading, Bookaboo rocks the stage and wows the crowd with the best canine drum solo ever! 

Episode length: 11 mins (approx.)

Example episode:



Here's a complete list of the celebrities who have appeared on the show, and the books they've read to Bookaboo.

Season 2:

  • Adam Copeland (of The Edge): Monsters Love Underpants
  • Patrick Chan (world champion ice skater): Silly Billy
  • Bruce Greenwood (of Star Trek): Shift McGifty and Slippery Sam the Cat Burglar
  • Hannah Simone (of New Girl): Slug Needs a Hug
  • Tamara Taylor (of Bones): Little Red and the Hungry Lion
  • Paula Abdul (performer and talent judge): Giraffes Can't Dance
  • Molly Parker (of House of Cards): Giraffe and Bird
  • Emily Vancamp (of Captain America): Harry and Horsie
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui (of Entourage): I Don't Want to Be a Frog
  • Rachelle Lefevre (of Under the Dome): There's a Bear on my Chair
  • Stana Katic (of Castle): InvisiBill
  • Sarah Carter (of Falling Skies): Baxter's Book
  • Kevin Durand (of Vikings): Use Your Imagination
  • Chris Hadfield (astronaut): The Darkest Dark
  • Selma Blair (of American Crime Story: The People vs OJ Simpson): Princess Daisy and the Dragon and the Nincimpoop Knights
  • Guillermo Diaz (of Scandal): Turkey Trick or Treat
  • Antonio Brown (NFL player): Wardruff and the Pelican Pirates
  • Scott Thompson (of The Kids in the Hall): The Great Cheese Robbery
  • Joel Dembe (Olympic wheelchair tennis champion): O'Shea the Octopus

Season 1:

  • Jason Priestly: Warduff and the Corncob Caper by Mat Head
  • Fefe Dobson: Drumheller Dinosaur Dance by Robert Heidbreder
  • Jacob Hoggard: Toads on Toast by Linda Bailey
  • Georges Laracque: Leave Me Alone: What Happens When You Stand Up to a Bully by Kes Gray
  • Adam Beach: The Great Snortle Hunt by Claire Freedman
  • Peter Mansbridge: Scaredy Squirrel by Mélanie Watt
  • Zaib Shaikh: Whiffy Wilson, the Wolf Who Wouldn’t Wash by Caryl Hart
  • Sean Cullen: The Great Sheep Shenanigans by Peter Bently
  • Gordon Pinsent: Scruffy Bear and the Six White Mice by Chris Wormell
  • Sheila McCarthy: Walter and the No-Need-to-Worry Suit by Rachel Bright
  • Cathy Jones: The Busy Beaver by Nicholas Oldland
  • Nico Archambault: Stanley’s Party by Linda Bailey and Bill Slavin
  • Joannie Rochette: Mr. King’s Things by Genevieve Cote
  • Jeff Stinco: My Think-A-Ma-Jink by Dave Whamond
  • Hugh Dillon: Cookiebot!  A Harry and Horsie Adventure by Katie Van Camp
  • Anthony Calvillo: The Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear by David Bruins and Hilary Leung
  • Melinda Shankar: A Bedtime for Bear by Bonny Becker and Kady MacDonald Denton
  • Amy Jo Johnson: The Talent Show by Jo Hodgkinson
  • Tara Spencer Nairn: Grandma Bendy by Izy Penguin
  • Julie Payette: Aliens Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort
  • James Keylon: Ping & Pong are Best Friends (mostly) by Tim Hopgood
  • Dave Gorman: Good Little Wolf by Nadia Shireen
  • Kate Nash: The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie
  • Bret Hart: Larf by Ashley Spires
  • Jim Carter: Grumpy Badger’s Christmas by Paul Bright and Jane Chapman
  • Simon Gregson: Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam by Tracey Corderoy and Steven Lenton
  • Warwick Davis: Dustbin Dad by Peter Bently and Russell Ayto and Lee Wildish

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