desk caddy, pastel icicles and snowflake decoration all made of toilet paper rolls


7 Fun Ways To Use Your Windfall Of Toilet Paper Rolls

Feb 19, 2021

When a roll of toilet paper reaches its end, and the last remaining scraps of straggling tissue are removed, you're left with a cylinderical tube. 

And yeah, typically you might chuck that in the recycling bin, and start a fresh roll. "Everyone poops," you might mutter to yourself as you replace the roll on the holder, hanging the multi-ply sheets over or under — that's your choice. I'm an "over" household, myself. 

Once the drudgery of replacing the toilet paper — that will no doubt be completely decimated by day's end — ends, I want you to take the toilet paper roll and hold on to it. Collect them. Form a stockpile. And once you've got a little nest egg, gather the kids and make any — or all — of these seven crafts.


Look out for pterodactyl, or Falcor from The Neverending Story — or perhaps a more modern example for your kids — with these super-cool binoculars.

This is a craft that can be extra like the above photo, or really pared down to just the bare essentials (toilet paper rolls, elastics). You can find all the steps to make a pair of your own here.


Now I know what you're thinking: castles out of rolls are like florals for spring. And you're not wrong, but these next two crafts are a little bit cooler than your average cardboard castle. 

First off, we have a craft by Makeup Monster, a fuzzy pink monster. So, yeah, you could learn to make a castle from disembodied hands with an ASMR voice, or a fuzzy, pink, lovable monster with a snaggle tooth. You choose! 

For materials and a great video tutorial, you'll want to head over here

Our second castle is an oldie but a goodie.

It's a desk organizer, but don't let the name fool you. It can also organize your dining room table that is now a desk, or your coffee table that is now a desk. Or your floor that is now a desk. For instructions on how to make this showstopper, including the adorable little sponge boat, head over to this link


Perhaps you've been watching a lot of interior design shows. Maybe you're getting brave and thinking of putting in your own wainscotting, or vintage wallpaper. 

Well, those tasks are great for you (and I'd love to see photos), but what about the little ones? Call me crazy, but I think their little hands will really enjoy accenting your new work with a few bits and bobs to highlight the season we are presently in: winter. 

First off, I'm going to show you a Jackie Currie craft that is super precious: toilet paper roll icicles

What I've learned in my short time reviewing toilet paper roll crafts is that they can actually be anything. Until I saw the icicles above, had you told me they were possible I'd say, "I don't know Diane, I feel like you're a liar." Consider me gagged and humbled. 

Next, keeping with the theme of "freezing cold" we have another pretty craft: toilet paper roll snowflakes

What I love about this craft is how far one tube is stretched. It's fairly economical. 

It's like when you go to an Italian restaurant (rememeber those?) and they cut the rigatoni into tiny slices of the rigatoni, and you wonder if this is to create the illusion of abundance or if it is indeed fancy. Whatever the answer, it's as delicious as this craft is beautiful.


When you think of going to the bathroom, do you think of love? I can't say I do either, but that's a mistake. 

Jackie Currie again knocked it out of the part with a toilet paper roll craft, fit for Valentine's Day or whenever you want to see cute hearts abound. 

It looks more difficult than it actually is! Head on over to the instructions to be wowed and excited by your craft session to come!


A riff on an earlier mention is this island of a tiny desk organizer. It's more compact, yes, but no less vibrant. 

Personally, I feel like this is great for small spaces that are now just such a mess you can't bear to look at them anymore.

For all the easy-to-follow instructions, pop on over to the post!


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