Sweet Valentine’s Craft: Making Animals from Heart Shapes

Feb 5, 2014

With just a few different sizes of craft foam hearts, your kids can create a whole zoo of animals! There really are no limits if you use your imagination. This is a really fun craft for kids of all ages this Valentine's day. They're going to love it!

What You'll Need

  • craft foam hearts in various sizes - these are very easy to find this time of year
  • googly eyes
  • white school glue


The possibilities are really endless, but here are really cute examples:


The body is one large craft foam heart. We used 2 small upside down hearts for the ears, 2 small upside-down hearts for the feet, and 1 small heart for the beak. The wings are 2 medium sized upside-down hearts and the eyes are 2 medium hearts with googly eyes in the centre.

LADYBUGThe body of the ladybug is one large heart. We used 6 small hearts for the feet and 6 small hearts for the ladybug's spots. The head is a medium sized heart with googly eyes.

DOGThe face of the dog is 1 large upside down heart. We placed another upright large heart behind the face for the ears. Use 1 medium sized heart for the tongue, and 1 medium size heart for the nose. Glue on 2 googly eyes.

CATERPILLARThe head is 1 medium size heart with googly eyes. The body is 8 small hearts of different colours all glued together.


The butterfly's wings are 2 large hearts. I placed 2 medium sized hearts on each wing for decoration. The head is a medium sized heart with googly eyes and the body is 7 small hearts of alternating colours.


The birdie's body is 1 large heart. I used medium sized hearts for the wing, tail feather and head feather. The feet are 2 small hearts and the beak is 1 small heart. Glue on 1 googly eye.Have fun crafting with your kiddos this Valentine's Day!

Article Author Jill Dubien
Jill Dubien

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