Printable Winter Scavenger Hunt

Dec 3, 2015

Winter's embrace can be a magical and beautiful time of year.

Kids love playing in the great outdoors and exploring it with all their senses. Here's a fun winter scavenger hunt for the whole family to enjoy!

You Will Need:

  • printable winter scavenger hunt (PDF)
  • marker, pencil, crayons or dry erase marker
  • basket
  • plastic page protector or laminator (optional)
  • clipboard (optional)


1. Print out the scavenger hunt.

Click on the images to open the PDF.

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2. If you want to reuse the scavenger hunt again and again, you can slide the scavenger hunt into a plastic page protector or laminate it.

Use a dry erase marker to mark items as you find them.

3. I suggest putting the list on a clipboard and tying the marker or pencil to the clipboard. This makes the activity easier for kids (and parents—no more lost markers!).

4. Find a basket to hold all your scavenger hunt finds.

5. Bundle up well and head on out into your winter wonderland!

A parent and child walk in the winter woods

Article Author Shanti Nordholt-McPhee
Shanti Nordholt-McPhee

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