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30-Day Photography Challenge for Kids

May 1, 2017

My youngest son, K, has been showing a strong interest in photography over the past year or so. He will often grab my phone and snap photos whenever he feels like it, which is great because he has captured some really wonderful photos of me. And like many moms, I'm hardly in photos so it's nice to have these photos that he has taken.

Lately though, his passion for photography has grown to wanting to learn how to use my DSLR camera. Sometimes he even snipes it from me while we are doing activities and asks me to play and pose with the activities! Life as a child of a blogger, I suppose.

Plant, close-up portrait, cat and knitted stuffie collage.

To encourage my son's interest, we have been doing some photography challenges. I give him a prompt and then he comes up with what he wants to photograph to fit that prompt. So if your child is also interested in photography, then this list of 30 photography prompts for kids is perfect for them!

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All you'll need for this photography challenge is a camera that your child can handle on their own. It doesn't matter if it's a point and shoot camera, a smartphone, or a DSLR camera.

Now take this list of prompts and let your kids get clicking!

  1. someone you love
  2. your pet
  3. a favourite toy
  4. a plant
  5. a favourite book
  6. a favourite game
  7. a piece of art
  8. a fruit
  9. looking out the window
  10. a closeup of an object
  11. a closeup of a person
  12. something green
  13. something brown
  14. something pink
  15. something black
  16. something blue
  17. something yellow
  18. something orange
  19. something soft
  20. something hard
  21. self-portrait
  22. a reflection in a mirror
  23. sign
  24. something you've made
  25. sky
  26. a silly face
  27. a photo taken upside down
  28. patterns
  29. hands
  30. words

Here are some of K's photographs that he's recently taken as part of this photography challenge. He's only five, but I must admit, some of his photographs simply blow me away. I'm excited to see how this passion, as well as his photography skills, develop over the years!

Knitted stuffed duck.

Close-up of cat being pet.

Green indoor plant.

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