welcome to the neighbourhood printable


Personalized ‘Welcome To The Neighbourhood’ Guide

Mar 2, 2016

Print this guide to your neighbourhood for the littles to fill in!

What You'll Need

Printable booklet and pencil crayons

How It's Made

1. Print the Welcome to the Neighbourhood PDF

A page from the Welcome To The Neighbourhood booklet

2. Fill in the cover page. You and your kids can decide how broad of an area you want to cover: just your local community, or a bigger area? 

Younger kids may need help filling in the blanks. 

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3. Choose which pages you want to include in your booklet. There are two blank pages, so can add all your favourite places.

colourfully filled in welcome to the neighbourhood printable

4. Cut along the lines and assemble your booklet. Use staples or glue to attach the pages.