Personalized Phone Case: DIY Father’s Day Gift

Jun 1, 2016

There’s little I love more in life than helping my kids make thoughtful, from-the-heart gifts to give to the people they love. With Father’s Day approaching, my daughter and I recently began brainstorming some fun ideas. Our criteria? Whatever we made had to be something that the daddy of our family would both enjoy and use, not something that would eventually just make its way to a drawer never to surface again. And so became this sweet hand-drawn phone case for my little ones’ tech-loving papa!

The project itself is incredibly quick and easy and since cellphones seem to be something nearly everyone has in this day and age, it’s definitely useful. Here’s what you’ll need to make one for the daddy (or daddies, or other special people) in your life:

  • a clear phone case (these can be found very inexpensively online)
  • card stock
  • a pencil
  • scissors
  • markers
  • a small utility knife (optional)

The supplies list laid out: clear cell-phone case, a piece of white card stock paper, pencil, pair of scissors, markers and a small utility knife.

Start off by lightly tracing the cellphone case (open-side up) onto your card stock. Positioning your case at the corner of card stock will mean less cutting and two guaranteed perfectly straight sides.

Clear cell-phone case lying on a piece of blank white card stock paper with a pencil beside it. The paper is lined up with two straight edges of the case.

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Next, cut out the card stock just inside your tracing line to ensure a good fit. If your case has a camera lens opening, you can carefully cut a hole in your insert using a utilty knife, or opt to cut that corner off completely.

The card stock has been traced and cut out to fit the phone case. The top corner has been snipped off with a curved corner edge to allow for the camera lens on the phone.

Now for the fun part! Invite your little one to personalize the card-stock insert! My daughter chose to draw a portrait of her with her papa and her baby brother, but anything goes here. Your little one could draw just themselves, write out the names of everyone in your family or write a special message to his or her dad.

A child drawing a family portrait on the cell-phone case insert.

When finished, simply place the insert into the case and you’re done! The phone will hold the insert in place when in use, but if you want to keep it secured until then, a couple of tiny pieces of sticky tape or a couple of glue dots will do the trick! Also fun? Including multiple inserts so that dad can change it up every now and then.

The finished insert displayed inside the clear case. A second insert has also been created: it says

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