How to make an adorable Becca’s Bunch felt board play set

Nov 30, 2018

If you've got some little ones at home who love animals and adventure, they probably love Becca's Bunch! 

It is adorable, so we get it if you're — as parents and caregivers — in love with it, too. Look at these cuties: 

But what do you do when there's no screen time left and all anyone wants is just a little more time with Becca, Sylvia, Pedro and Russell? Well, you make a felt board play set! And it's easier and less complicated than it looks. And you can find all of the items you'll need at a dollar store. 

What You'll Need 

  • Felt, various colours for characters (depending on which characters you choose to create!)
  • Felt, one large blue sheet for background 
  • Whiteboard that has a frame
  • A black marker 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Hot glue sticks 
  • Scissors
  • PDFs of character elements (Click each link to download PDFs for Becca, Sylvia, Pedro and Russell)
  • PDFs of vehicles and accessories (Click each link to download PDFs for Steven's boat, Uncle Ned's balloon, Ringo's bus, some mountains and objects)

How It's Made

First, gather your white board and blue felt. This will become the backdrop for your scene. 

Remove the frame from the whiteboard carefully, and set the whiteboard aside. Keep the cardboard that was underneath the whiteboard, because it's the perfect size for reframing. And It's what you'll be gluing your felt to.  

Take your hot glue gun and draw a line of glue on the edges of the felt one side at a time (see below). Remember, hot glue dries fast, so fold the felt over the cardboard immediately after gluing. 

You really just want to make sure the front and all the edges are covered in blue. So don't worry if the folds aren't totally uniform. 

Once you've glued and folded each side, you'll want to trim any excess fabric. This will make it easier for your backdrop to fit the original frame. 

The back is going to be completely hidden, so don't fret if your edges aren't uniform or if you trimmed more on one side than the other. Really, the important part is that it fits the frame!

Flip the cardboard over and insert it into the whiteboard frame you've set aside. You now have the colourful backsplash for a cute scene. 

Now, print out the character templates and cut the stencils out. You'll use them for tracing on pieces of felt. Here's Becca: 

We'll have images of the rest at the end of the post, but let's just get the basics down. Cut out each piece from the template and set them aside. 

Next, take your coloured felt pieces (try to match them closely to the character if you want, or try new colour palettes for a whole new Becca) and trace around the stencils with a marker. Once done, cut those pieces to shape. For the eyes and beak, you can simply glue those pieces of paper to the felt. Or if you're feeling ambitious, cut them out of felt altogether. We took the easy route because — hey! — this is supposed to be fun and easy. 

Once you've cut all your pieces out of felt, it's time to lay out your Becca. How do you want her to look? Will her eyes be upside down? No beak? Really, it's up to you. 

Finally, you're going to glue the pieces together. 

Doesn't Becca look like she's a little lonely? Not to worry, she's got lots of friends. See?


To add to your Becca's Bunch felt board, here are some more templates to use!




Steven's Boat

Ned's Hot Air Balloon

Ringo's Bus


Objects and Accessories

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