Split screen: a child in crafted toggles like Jabari, the cheetah from Kingdom Force, has in the show — beside the cartoon character


How Kids Can Pretend To Go Super-Fast Like A Cheetah

Oct 14, 2022

Anyone who has ever been in the presence of a kid has likely heard them say, "faster." 

Whether you're pushing a swing, or trailing behind a bike, many kids want to go fast, fast, fast. 

But what if they could be, at least in spirit, as fast as a cheetah?

That'd be pretty fast. Maybe too fast for some parents. But don't worry, we're playing make-believe here. 

Inspired by Jabari, the cheetah from Kingdom Force, I decided to make a craft that is a fun activity to prepare and wear! Now, Jabari is super-fast, and his speed sometimes gets him into trouble. But through the encouragement of his team, he always finds a way to focus while going fast and inevitably save the day. 

So get your kids and let's focus — on making some super-cool toggles, just like Jabari!

What You'll Need

  • colourful paper
  • cracker box
  • cardboard tube
  • scissors
  • glue
  • ruler
  • markers
  • tape
  • bits and pieces from around the house or recycling bin (caps, magnets, lids, etc.) — this is optional

How It's Made

Start by creating your cuffs. Pop open your cracker box and lay it flat.

Decide how tall you want your cuffs to be and use a ruler to mark lines. We marked cuffs that are about 7 cm in height and used scissors to cut them out.

Reassemble your cuff into its four-sided box shape and do a quick test to make sure the wearer can fit their hand through. (If you don’t happen to have a box on hand with proportions you like, you can cut strips from a cereal box and make your own folds instead.)

Next, create a pair of wells for your handles to sit inside. On a piece of cardboard, trace around the circumference of your cardboard tube. Cut out the circle you’ve drawn, then cut the circle in half. Use the half-circle to plan where you’ll create wells. Create two wells on each cuff. NOTE: Make sure to create the wells opposite each other — not on two faces of the cuff that are right next to each other, or two sides away from each other. See above photo for reference.

Use a piece of tape to temporarily hold your cuff together. Place your cardboard tube into the wells to check that it fits. Then mark how long you want to make each of your handles. Our handles are about 10 cm long, which leaves a little over a centimetre overhang on each side of the cuff. Cut two handles to the same length.

Cut coloured paper to fit over your box and handles. Since we’re making Jabari’s toggles, we cut yellow for the cuffs — but you can cut red if you want to make Luka’s, green for T.J.’s, orange for Dalilah’s or blue for Norvyn’s! Cut pieces of grey to cover your handles and two strips of grey paper to create the knuckle guards on the toggles.

Use glue to attach your paper to your cardboard, and the handles to the wells.

Then use glue to attach the knuckle-guards to the handles creating an arch-shape. 

Once your toggles have had the chance to dry, have fun decorating! On the right, we added the Kingdom Force call signal — a geometric paw print with five toe pads.

And on the left, we added a call button and a speedometer to clock Jabari’s blazing speed. A little rummaging through the junk drawer produced some yellow fridge magnets which worked nicely as end caps on each of the handles. Get as creative as you like — you can add caps and lids and other bits from around the house to stand in as bolts, buttons and gadgetry!

All that’s left to do is to strap in, and strap on your toggles. Steer along with Jabari and the rest of the Kingdom Force on their next rescue adventure!

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Article Author Mara Shaughnessy
Mara Shaughnessy

Mara is a children’s book author and illustrator who’s big into scissors and glue, making cake from the box, wrestling with her dogs and doodling with felt tip pens. You can check out her latest work at The Little Monster or craft along with her at Craft University.

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