Fuse Bead Bike License Plates (Free Templates)

Aug 1, 2014

What's better on a warm day than hopping on your bikes and taking a family bike ride? Get everybody ready for a super-family ride with some simple fuse-bead bike license plates.

What you need:

  • fuse beads (also called Perler Beads or Hama Beads)
  • peg board for fuse beads (at least 28 x 14)
  • parchment paper
  • iron
  • bike license-plate template
  • ribbon or wire


How to make your license plates:

Grown-ups should handle the ironing, but older kids can take care of the rest of their own. Younger kids can help with sorting the beads into colours, counting out the number needed and following the pattern.

1. Select one of our templates (below) and follow it to lay out your license plate. If it helps, print it out (right-click to save it your desktop for printing).
2. Cover your design with a piece of parchment paper and iron using a dry iron. Refer to your fuse bead instructions for the correct iron settings. You'll want to iron your license plate until the beads have melted slightly and fused together (about 15 seconds). Allow to cool and then repeat the same process on the other side (don't forget the parchment paper!). Allow to cool.
3. String wire or ribbon through bead holes to attach your bike plate. 
4. You're done! Take a ride!

Template Designs:

(you'll need the following beads: 114 fuschia, 139 pale yellow, 139 pale turquoise)


Maple Leaf
(you'll need the following beads: 174 red, 109 grey, 109 clear)

Lightning Bolt
(you'll need the following beads: 94 light blue, 89 lime, 65 green, 65 dark blue, 63 yellow, 16 orange)