Easy, Inexpensive Fun: Indoor Balloon Snowmen

Jan 3, 2017

My kids love to build snowmen, but sometimes they want to build one and it's simply too cold outdoors. Or sometimes we don't have enough snow or the right consistency to do so. Perhaps you live somewhere that doesn't get snow, so building a snowman isn't possible at all.

I came up with this fun snowman building alternative for them using balloons. My kids fell in love with building and decorating their own balloon snowmen and it's such a great way to enjoy building a snowman indoors.

To make a balloon snowman, you'll need:

  • white balloons
  • black and orange permanent markers
  • duct tape
  • light scarf and hat to dress up the snowman (optional)

First you will need to build the snowman. Depending on the ages of your kids, you may need to do this step for them. Older children, however, can certainly help blow up the balloons and stack the balloons into a snowman body.

You'll need to blow up three balloons. Try to make them three different sizes (largest for the base of the snowman and smallest for the head). Fold a piece of duct tape so that it's double sided. Add it to the largest balloon and stick it to a smooth floor (not carpet). Add the next two balloons on top of the largest balloon and secure with duct tape.

Tip: make sure you stack the balloons as centered as you can because if you try to remove a balloon to move or adjust it, it will pop. Lopsided snowmen like ours below is totally okay though. I think it looks cuter that way anyway!

A lovely little lopsided balloon snowman, assembled. His face has been drawn on with permanent markers.

Let the kids decorate the snowman using the permanent markers. They can add details like eyes, carrot nose, mouth, buttons down the body, etc.

For some added fun, encourage the kids to try decorating their balloon snowman with some winter clothing. However, the hats and scarves you use must be lightweight. If they're too heavy the snowman will bend and the balloons will pop.

A boy putting a grey winter hat on the balloon snowman.

But here's the most fun part about building a balloon snowman! If you use a winter hat or toque that's just slightly too heavy and slide it onto the snowman's head, the snowman will wobble, sway back and forth, and eventually fling the hat off. It's kind of like one of those bobo dolls where they bounce back upright after being punched. Anyway, the kids thought it was hilarious to slide the toque on and have the snowman fling it off instantly. The kids turned it into a game, taking turns trying to put the toque back on and seeing how long it would stay put. It wouldn't stay on long though. Maybe a second or two.

Then, naturally, my kids started using the balloon snowman like a bobo doll, hitting it and watching it spring back up!

Boy standing and holding up his adorable balloon snowman with a winter hat and a face drawn on with permanent markers.

Article Author Dyan Robson
Dyan Robson

Read more from Dyan here.

Married to her high school sweetheart, Dyan is mom to two boys, J and K, who also teaches piano out of her home. On her blog And Next Comes L, Dyan shares her story of raising a child with hyperlexia, hypernumeracy and autism, amongst a variety of sensory activities for kids. You can find out more about their story on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.


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