Easy DIY: Turn Dust Jackets from Your Kids’ Books into Puzzles

Sep 26, 2016

I buy a lot of books for my kids, including a lot of hardcover picture books that come with dust jackets. 

Within minutes of my kids opening new books, the dust jackets fall off. So now I usually just pull the dust jackets off immediately. I feel like it is a waste to recycle or throw them out, so instead, I have been hoarding tons of these dust jackets over the years, determined to find something to do with them.

Finally, I have found one perfect solution! You can make homemade puzzles out of dust jackets.

To make these super simple DIY dust jacket puzzles, you just need a pair of scissors and some dust jackets. Simply cut up the covers into pieces of various shapes and sizes.

Then the kids can make the puzzles over and over again. 

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The great thing about using dust jackets is that they are already fairly durable. There's no need to laminate or anything since the paper is usually thicker or has a coating on it.

Another advantage of making these homemade dust jacket puzzles is that you can easily make puzzles with your child's favorite characters on them. There's no need to buy fancy puzzles with their favorite characters. Just grab a dust jacket off of their favorite book and cut it up!

You can store these homemade puzzles in a small zipper seal bag and use them as busy bags while on the go!

Article Author Dyan Robson
Dyan Robson

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