Folded corner bookmarks with cute bunny faces.


Easter Bunny Corner Bookmarks

Apr 13, 2017

Have your kids ever discovered or been introduced to a new craft that they love so much they keep making said craft over and over...and over again? So much that your home becomes overrun with this latest obsession? Or does that just happen with my family?!

Not long ago, my eldest learned how to make corner bookmarks at school and was so excited about them, she came home and taught her little sister how to make them too. Since they are both avid readers, this is a craft they naturally gravitated towards (so I shouldn't have been surprised!). They now have corner bookmarks for all of their school books and the books they are reading at home. Plus, a lot (a WHOLE LOT) of extras!

Finished bookmark fits on the corner of the page.

In the past while, they had slowed down with the corner bookmark making, but with Easter just around the corner, they decided they wanted to make Easter-themed corner bookmarks, just to use at this time of year.

Do you also have craft lovers who happen to be avid readers too? If so, I'm sure they'll love this craft. And if you happen to have not-so-avid readers, maybe this activity will get them a little more excited about reading!

Here's what you'll need:

  • square pieces of paper
  • crayons, pencil crayons, or markers
  • scissors
  • extra pieces of paper for decorating (coloured and white)
  • a glue stick

Note: The size of the paper we used to make the bookmarks in the pictures are 20cm x 20cm. I wouldn't go much larger than that but you can definitely go smaller. My kids have made them in all different sizes!

First, fold your square piece of paper in half on the diagonal. Then, fold each corner down towards the middle point.

Paper folded in half - corner to corner. Then taking the two flaps and fold them over so it's a square shape.

Next, open the corners back up and fold the top layer of the center piece up towards the middle.

Paper is folded in half, but has diagonal creases so it looks triangular but the corners are lifted.

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The top piece of the paper is folder back so it looks like a small triangle overlapping an inverted triangle.

Now, fold the right corner so it sits underneath that top layer center piece you just folded up in the last step.

Hands are folding the corner in so it sits underneath the top layer piece.

Do the same with the left side.

Another close up image of hands folding the left side underneath the top layer.

And you now have your undecorated corner bookmark. The fun part can now begin — decorating!

A picture of the folded corners.

Because it's almost Easter, Easter-themed bookmarks are the goal here. They are both really deep into the Harry Potter series at the moment, so of course, there had to be a Harry Potter-looking bunny bookmark in the mix!

A bunny face is drawn on the folded paper.

When it comes to decorating, your kids can be as extravagant (glitter glue, gluing cut-outs, stickers) or as low-key (just colouring and drawing with crayons, pencil crayons, or markers) as they'd like. If your kids are making bunny corner bookmarks as well, they can make bunny ears, teeth, cut-out pink noses — they can go wherever their creativity takes them!

This bunny is starting to look like Harry Potter! Bunny ears have been glued on and Harry Potter's glasses and scar has ben added on.

Once decorating is done and any glue has dried, place the bookmark into a book:

A closed book with the bunny corner bookmark.

These bunny corner bookmarks would be a fun thing to make and give to friends, grandparents, and other family members during Easter time!

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