9 Things To Ask Siri That Your Kids Will Find Hilarious

Nov 11, 2016

Want to hear your kids laugh, but find that funny faces and silly sounds just aren’t cutting it? Have knock-knock jokes been falling flat in your household of late? Lucky for you, those mini handheld computers we tote around everywhere have the solution, and its name is Siri. If you have an Apple iPhone, here are a few things to ask Siri that are sure to make your kids giggle and guffaw:

1. What is zero divided by zero?

Siri does not like this question. Your kids will love hearing Siri hilariously berate you for asking it, while getting in some jabs about a sad Cookie Monster with no cookies.

2. Can you beatbox for me?

Apparently, Siri’s been practising. The beat Siri drops may just be the combination of a kind of footwear plus a feline friend, but — according to Siri — the beat could just keep going and going and going...

3. What’s your favourite colour?

Is Siri an alien? Or is Siri’s fav colour just a subtle hint at Apple’s logo? Either way, your kids will probably think something extraterrestrial is afoot after hearing Siri’s answer to this question.

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4. What does the fox say?

Whether your family is familiar with Time Magazine’s number two most viral video of 2013 or not, Siri’s commitment to this response is sure to get some laughs.

5. What are the three laws of robotics?

Siri has a couple replies to this question, but either way your kids will laugh at Siri’s adherence to house rules (like not running with scissors) or Siri’s fourth slacker-related rule.

6. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

Another with a few responses, Siri does not like to give a straight answer to this one. Whether that’s splitting hairs about the type of woodchuck, or running you all into a wormhole consisting of the words “wood” and “chuck.”

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7. Can you tell me a joke?

This may seem an obvious request, but who knew Siri had so many jokes? Some of them could be deemed AI classics, but the ones your kids will likely love most is when Siri’s jokes are at your expense.

8. Can you tell me a story?

Oh boy does Siri have a long-winded story all about — you guessed it — Siri! It takes place in a galaxy far, far away and has a happy ending (for Siri).

9. I love you, Siri.

Get ready for the Star Wars-induced giggles to continue. Alongside “I know” are some flattering and not-so-flattering responses to your newly professed love for Siri — and the kids will get a kick out of watching you tell a phone you love it!