7 DIY Kids’ CBC Halloween Costumes

Oct 1, 2014

Looking for a DIY halloween costume idea? We've got you covered!

Putting these costumes together is easy with a few props from around the house, or a quick trip to the second-hand store. Print out the masks and logo templates on card stock, if possible, to make them more durable. Cut them out, and secure with string or ribbon.


You'll need:

Bo on the Go

You'll need:

  • blue wig tied into pigtails with red, green and yellow elastics
  • pink leggings
  • purple t-shirt
  • pink and purple foam to make stripes for the sides of t-shirts
  • red, green and yellow wrist bands
  • Bo on the Go mask template

Daniel Tiger

You'll need:

  • red hooded sweatshirt
  • headband with tiger ears attached (made with foam or yarn)
  • watch
  • makeup for whiskers
  • brown leggings with brown foam tiger stripes
  • Daniel Tiger mask template


You'll need:

Princess Presto

You'll need:

Huckle Cat

Sally Cat