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This Mom On TikTok’s Magic Power Is Knowing Which Size Container Will Fit Her Leftovers

Apr 29, 2020

What is it about something fitting perfectly into or onto something else that is just so satisfying?

You're spending your days trying to fit that toy into this cubby and this snack into that container, when suddenly — organizational bliss. The stars align. Everything is clean and together and right for a moment. You've found two items that were meant for each other in the battle of keeping things in order.

I can't find a term for whatever magic happens in our brains when two unrelated things from completely different places come together in perfect-fit harmony — but it's not new for us humans to be sharing this strange pleasure with others. There was even a Tumblr in Tumblr's glory days that was dedicated to the subject.

But now we're in TikTok's glory days, and everything may be vertical now, but the fit is still so good.

Roya Shariat (who works for the ultra-hip beauty brand Glossier) has been sharing her mom's secret power on her TikTok during these days at home: she can always find the ideal container for whatever she's cooked.

Take a look.

I don't know about you, but I already spend a fair bit of time watching other people cook on socials. And this combination of delicious-looking food going into the right-sized container for easy day-after munching brings me a lot of joy. It’s also Persian, and being half-Iranian myself, there’s just something to seeing the food of my childhood — special shoutout to tahdig a.k.a. crunchy rice crust — in a homey kitchen, with a parent who shows their love and caring through food.

How can you not be utterly comforted watching this seemingly simple task that harkens back to watching whomever you watched cook as a child do their thing in the kitchen?

Speaking of tahdig.

Part of me wonders if the key to being a good cook is also having a sense for how much to make so you'll be left with X leftovers, which you know will fit into Y container — but I didn't go to school for math.

Now, how about this soup action?

If you're someone who has recently flocked to TikTok since finding yourself stuck at home (like me), or maybe you're thinking of seeing what that site that sounds like a clock reviewing app is all about, these wholesome and ASMR-esque videos that combine good-looking food with organizational delight may be the place to start.

And you'll have nothing to worry about if the littles catch you in your 30 seconds alone and start watching these over your shoulder.

Is there an online account that's helping you get through the days? Something you think we just need to check out? Send us an email at

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