5 Ways to Live Your Best Life As You Wait in the Car

Jun 3, 2016

Once again you’ve found yourself sitting in the car, waiting for your kids to finish school, swimming, ballet or some other sport that makes you get up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday (I’m looking at you, peewee hockey). Perhaps you think to yourself: “Hey! I finally get some alone time!” Maybe you check your work emails, listen to a podcast or watch a video on YouTube. But as you know, the modern parent is expected to do so much more, even if it’s impossible to achieve. Here's some options to make you feel like you’re living your fullest life even if though you’d rather just play Bejewelled Blitz on your phone.

1. Hot Yoga

A stock photo collage of a man sitting on a yoga mat cross-legged in the backseat of a car.

Car yoga is all the rage, with poses such as the "Reach For Elmo On The Back Seat Floor", the "Open Passenger Door While In Driver’s Seat" or the "Head Out The Window To Find Out Why The Line Isn’t Moving". Crank the heaters and seat warmers this summer for an even deeper stretch. Use the seatbelt to hold your quivering body in place as long as possible. 

2. Record Your Own Podcast

A stock-photo collage of a woman sitting in a driver's seat with headphones and a microphone, recording a police officer who is standing outside of the car speaking to her.

Ask any parent with a screaming toddler in the back seat and they will tell you the acoustics in cars are fantastic. Use your sun reflectors to block out the extra sound, place your phone upright in the cup holder and go to it! Some of your guests can include the police officer ticketing you and guy who just spent the last ten minutes trying to parallel park into a spot his car definitely won’t fit into.

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3. Rent Your Seats to Massage Therapists

A stock-photo collage of a woman lying on the back seat of a car getting a massage. A sign posting massage rates is taped to the window and signs that read

New massage therapists are often looking for a chair to rent, so why not make a few bucks while you wait? Tip the chair all the way back, then pull the head rest all the way up so their clients can stick their faces through the space between the seat. Back seat can also work for an additional therapist. Bonus: Other waiting care-givers would jump at the chance for a massage, so you can offer a built-in clientele. Cha-ching!

4. Work Out

A stock-photo collage of a woman hanging out of a car window from the waist down, wearing jeans with leg-warmers and running shoes. Two other people work out in the background next to their cars.

This one’s a no-brainer. Release the latch that pushes your seat back and use your legs to row back and forth for some quick cardio. The seat belts can be used as resistance stretch bands. The handles above the doors can be used for pull ups. Engage that core by sticking your legs out the window and pulling yourself up in a crunch. Sure, people will stare. But the rock-hard abs will be worth it.

5. Start a Green House

A stock-photo collage of a woman in a sunhat tending to a fern growing out of the glovebox in her car. A pot with basil sits next to her on the arm rest.

Get that garden ready for spring! Turn on the heat to warm then use a spray bottle to keep the air moist. Use your cup holders to start seedlings for tomatoes, herbs or zucchini. Make your glove box a terrarium full of succulents, baby ferns and little toy figurines from the car floor. The trunk is a perfect place to grow mushrooms. Growing a small garden in your car allows you the freedom to brag about your green thumb to other parents without having to say a word. 

Some argue that the obsession to fill every moment of the day is an impossible standard for parents to attain. But why not try it and see for yourself?

Next month, keep your eyes open a list of the 10 best public washrooms with a change table to cry in.

Photography by kzenon (woman sitting in car), ostill (police officer), Ying Feng Johansson (line of parked cars), Oleg Mikhaylov (woman leaning into car), Péter Gudella (black car seats), Alexander Sorokopud (leather car interior), nyul (man doing yoga), Pavel Maksimov (massage), 36clicks (woman reaching for glove box), stylephotographs (hand with microphone), Dzianis Apolka (head phones) ©

Article Author Jen Goodhue
Jen Goodhue

Jennifer Goodhue is a performer/writer in Toronto. As part of a stellar ensemble, she wrote and performed in five Second City MainStage revues. She co-starred in CTV’s Comedy Inc. for five seasons and has written for several television shows such as This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and YTV’s That’s So Weird. As a member of Comedy Inc. she was nominated for a Gemini Award and has won three Canadian Comedy Awards for her work with The Second City and Monkey Toast: The Improvised Talk Show.

She’s currently a staff writer for the much anticipated comedy Baroness Von Sketch Show on CBC. She continues to teach writing at The Second City Training Centre and perform in various impov shows around Toronto.

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