The character Addison from the CBC Kids program Addison is using STEM to make an invention


5 videos your kids can watch to remind them it’s OK to make mistakes

Feb 27, 2018

A wise woman once told me, "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy." Her name? Miss Frizzle. And, The Frizz, as I had come to affectionately know her, really made me feel like although I'm vulnerable, and although it is impossible to make it through life without making mistakes, that those mistakes don't need to define me. Life, I came to learn — and more importantly, understand — gets messy (sometimes, extremely messy, like you have to let your life soak in the sink for a week) and we make mistakes. But if I don't take chances, I get neither. And I certainly don't get the less messy moments, either.  

For me, it was Miss Frizzle, but there is a new role model for kids who want to experiment, form hypotheses or take leaps of faith: Addison. Addison says that when you make a mistake, you need to take a break and try again. Her attitude is a good reminder to breathe, and not get so riled up when life doesn't go exactly according to plan. Hard to do, sure, but not impossible. 

And because it's not impossible, and a great lesson to learn, here are five times the STEM and STEAM enthusiast got it wrong before she got it right. And when she took it all in stride.

Alex's Weak Kick

When soccer rival Donnie swings by Alex's practice with Addison, he gets jealous. How jealous? After noticing how good Alex is at kicking, he swaps the ball with one filled with water so Alex thinks he's been jinxed after he discovers he can't kick the ball as far as he used to. And it might have worked, if Addison didn't take a breather and reassess the situation after a few disproven hypotheses. Oh, and they eat pizza and hang with robots. This episode has everything. 

The Cookie Caper

Now, not all episodes of Addison involve delicious food, but some do. And in addition to a bake sale, filled with yummy cookies, there's a giant cookie robot. But how do half of the cookies go missing in the time it takes to look at a cat in a bonnet? Only one way to find out!

The Mischievous Mind Reader

You know how magic is fun and mesmerizing, but ultimately there's always a trick to it you just can't see. Well, when Donnie goes around telling everyone he can read minds and seems to be doing it successfully, Addison puts her brain to work. But the answer doesn't come easily, or quickly. How was Donnie doing it?

Animal Magnetism

OK, so we've got pizza, cookies, robots and magic. What else could these mysteries include? Turns out, an adorable cat who becomes frightened of his toys! But, a cat afraid of toys? How? Why? Addison is on the case!


The Master of the Secret Code

When symbols just start appearing on the sidewalks around town, Alex immediately jumps to the conclusion that an alien invasion is coming to Ayrton Park. But, it's not aliens. In fact, the kids are exposed to an invisible world that happens beneath their feet. It took a bit of guessing, testing, questioning and evidence gathering, but in the end Addison solves another mystery!

For more episodes of Addison, head over to CBC Kids!

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