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Learning — a teacher resource — is now free for families to use

Mar 17, 2020

It’s no secret that we’re all hunkering down indoors these days.

And when you’ve got kids, it’s especially hard. With school closures across the country, parents and guardians are feeling a little uneasy with the amount of class their kids are missing.

With this in mind, CBC has decided to make the subscription-based site accessible to all Canadian families during these extraordinary circumstances. As of now, you’ll be able to browse through carefully curated collections that support the K-12 curriculum, and discover different educational packages that include worksheets, hands-on activities and teacher guides. is available in both English and French, so you’ll be able to find educational resources for your French immersion kids.

With the exception of the 3rd party channel content (that includes BBC and National Geographic videos), all the CBC and Radio-Canada content is available.

Here are some top picks:

Gumboot Kids Curriculum,
Ages 5 to 8

Gumboot Kids curriculum

This beautiful curriculum pack offers downloadable activity guides that have a special focus on nature and mindfulness. It also includes 17 episodes available to stream.

Monster Math Squad - Season 1, Ages 5 to 8

Monster Math Squad show logo

The Monster Math Squad collection features all things math! From counting and measuring, to sizing and sorting, to shapes and patterns and time! There’s 30 episodes to stream and downloadable teacher guides that include worksheets and activities.

Bookaboo, Ages 5 to 8

Bookaboo on the drums with his puppy pals!

Bookaboo is a rock puppy that refuses to play until he reads a story a day! Each episode reveals a celebrity who reads a picture book to Bookaboo.


Explique-moi ça!, Ages 5 to 8

Explique-moi ça! show logo

Explique-moi ça! answers simple (and not so simple!) questions that are on kids’ minds. Episodes are available to stream, along with downloadable teacher guides.

L'Escouade des monstres-maths, Ages 5 to 8

The characters from Monster Math Squad.

Monster Math Squad episodes and lesson packs are also available in French! 


Canada In Space, Ages 9 to 12

Canadian astronauts pose in their blue NASA space uniforms.

This collection focuses on Canada’s role in space exploration! It includes 15 videos to stream, including teacher guides.

Indigenous Youth, Ages 9 to 12

Child is wearing traditional Indigenous head feathers.

This curated collection includes 39 video titles that take a close look at Indigenous youth in Canada today. Topics and ages range from preschool to teen.

Tai Asks Why, Ages 9 to 12

Tai Asks Why show logo

Eleven-year-old Tai has an insatiable curiosity that drives him on a quest for answers. This curriculum package includes the audio files from the Tai Asks Why podcast, teacher guides and activities sheets.

Reduce, Reuse and Rethink,
Ages 13 to 14

One hand holds a tree. Another hand holds the Earth.

This collection covers hot button issues like fast fashion, food waste and recycling coffee cups.


Le monde est petit, Ages 8 to 10

Bearded man points to a globe that he's holding.

This show touches upon how kids can process current affairs and how to spot fake news.

Massi en mission, Ages 9 to 12

Massi en mission show logo

Astronaut David Saint-Jacques challenges Massi, a YouTuber, to prepare for a future space mission.