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I’ve Been With My Now Fiancé Since Junior High And I Think It’s Made Us Better Parents

May 3, 2021

When you're 13, you don't think too much about marriage or having children. When I was 13, my now fiancé and I were best friends. We spoke every day. Even at the beginning, it would be from morning to night.

Then we started dating when I was 14 and next, came the unexpected. I got pregnant at 15, and our lives changed. We didn't think that that’s how life would play out for us. We were just kids — it was puppy love.

My fiancé is only a year older than I am, so he was no more prepared than I was for this sort of responsibility. But, with a little bit of support from our families, we figured it out. Now, in our 20s, we look back and we would not have it any other way.

Yes, it was difficult, but it was so worth it. We have been through many obstacles together and we are at a point in our lives where things are OK, and we are living worry-free.

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He works in construction now. I work and do a little freelance writing, and attend college classes online, but currently I'm enjoying my time on maternity leave. Our children are happy and cared for. But so are we.

We have been together as friends and as a couple through the entirety of our adolescence and now into adulthood. We grew up together. We have been there for each other through everything, and it has made our relationship strong and beautiful. I think that meeting so young has strengthened our relationship. Everything we know, we learned together.

"Doing things together, whether it's ... getting on a plane or pillow fights in our living room, is what makes us truly happy. And because of our age, a lot of these experiences are new to all of us."

And I believe meeting so young has also made us better parents. I recognize that we were children when we had our daughter, but we took that and turned it into something so special and successful. We're happy knowing our children will see us laughing and goofing around, doing new things together, having fun, supporting each other in our new endeavours and enjoying each other’s company and friendship — just as much as we enjoy love and affection.

When we look at our daughter, we know we're doing a good job. When we look at our son, we know our family is complete. And when we look at each other, we know that our connection has not dwindled.

Even now, we're still learning new things about each other and find excitement in the journey. We may have known each other since we were kids in junior high, but we still find ways to make things interesting. And one of the most wonderful opportunities for us has been getting to include our young family in our adventures. We've always loved having new experiences — as kids, as friends, as a couple — but as parents, trying new things with our own children makes those moments that much more special.

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Doing things together, whether it's camping, canoeing, getting on a plane or pillow fights in our living room, is what makes us truly happy. And because of our age, a lot of these experiences are new to all of us.

Nobody else knows us as well as we know each other. Our youth may have raised eyebrows when we started our family, but now we know what to expect from each other in almost every situation. We know how we're feeling, when there's been a shift and when one of us is feeling even a little down — we can see it, because we have been by each other's side from young teens to young adults.

Eveything we've been through and our capacity to stay by each other's side while keeping our relationship fun and strong — that's why I love us. My favorite thing about the man who was once my junior school best friend and now the father of my children is the friendship we have. I want to show our kids that having a solid friendship with your partner is just as important as the romance.

We have so much of our lives left to live, and I am so excited to be doing it with my best friend and our little ones.

Article Author Sabrina Boileau
Sabrina Boileau

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Sabrina is a student, worker and full-time mother of a beautiful daughter and son, Charlie and Harrison, whom she loves more than anything. When she isn’t hopelessly trying to match socks, Sabrina is a freelance writer, who hopes to get a degree in journalism, and one day become a published author.

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