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8 Music-Making Apps For Kids

Nov 10, 2015

Apps can be an easy way to introduce kids to music, sounds and new instruments. They're also a great complement to group or one-on-one music lessons.  

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Here are 8 of our favrouite music-making apps for tablets and phones: 

1. Do Re Mi

This app helps train little ears for pitch, empowering wee ones to play keys on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and others; they can also make up and record their own songs.

2. Sago Mini Sound Box  and Sago Mini Music Box 

Sago Sago, a Toronto-based studio, has two levels of music-making programs for the very young and slightly older—they combine melodies with animation and adorable characters.

3. Bloom  

For some parents, it suffices to say ambient demi-god Brian Eno has created an app kids can use to make music. Bloom is an endless music machine that lets users create elaborate patterns and unqiue melodies by tapping on the screen.

4. Tune Train

Kids can explore concepts like harmony, pitch and rhythm by connecting a train and visiting different characters in this game. 

5. Drum Kit

Drum Kit transforms your Android device into an ideal drum setup for your kids to (gently) smash with their fingers.

6. Piano Dustbuster

By wirelessly sensing your real piano, this app teaches kids to tickle the ivories by gamifying lessons into an arcade adventure.

7. Yousician

Used by people of all ages around the world to learn (or master) guitar and piano, this app offers step-by-step tutorials and exercises, instant feedback and the option to upload your favourite songs.

8. GarageBand

GarageBand turns an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a recording studio filled with drums, guitars and pianos. 

What are your favourite music-making apps?

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Erik Missio

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