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10 Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas That Aren’t Cereal

Sep 6, 2018

Saying that kids can be fickle when it comes to food is a huge understatement (for most kids, anyway). One week they like a particular food, the next week, they want nothing to do with it.

My kids are no different, and chances are yours are the same.

Cereal was once a loved breakfast staple for my kids, but at some point, and there was no particular event that triggered it, they decided they no longer liked cereal.

When looking for new recipes to try, I involved them so they could have a say. Thankfully, we found tons of recipes online and in recipe books.

If cereal is not a part of your kids’ breakfast shortlist, how about trying some of the following recipes that I had luck with? All of these recipes can either be whipped up quickly in the morning, or be fully or partially pre-made for quick prep or warm-up at breakfast time.

1. Overnight Oats

Different batches of overnight oats in mason jars.

This breakfast idea has many flavour variations, so experiment until you find a few your kids like. Overnight oats can be prepped on the weekend and then enjoyed over the next few days.

Recipes to try:

2. Breakfast Cookies

Breakfast cookies piled up beside a glass of milk.

What can be better than cookies for breakfast? Breakfast cookies are a little different than regular cookies because they’re packed with nutritious ingredients and contain less sugar (if any!).

Recipes to try:

3. Frozen Yogurt Bites

Frozen yogurt bites on a plate.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can pre-make a large batch and grab them out of the freezer when needed. Kids can also help with the prep, which makes it more likely they will eat them!

Recipes to try:

4. Smoothies

A glass of banana berry smoothie with raspberry on top!

Smoothies can be customized with any ingredients your kids like, and you can even sneak a good-for-them ingredient or two in and they won’t be able to detect it! It’s easy to come up with your own smoothie combos but here are a few recipes to start with if smoothie making is new to you.

Recipes to try:

5. Pancakes or Waffles

Maple syrup poured on waffle.

Most waffles and pancakes can be made ahead and warmed up when it’s breakfast time. Store either in the fridge or freezer and heat when ready.

Recipes to try:

6. Breakfast Burritos

This is a favourite in our home, for both me and the kids. For me, because they fill the kids up and I can make a big batch on the weekend and freeze it. It’s a favourite for the kids because they can warm them up in the morning by themselves...and they’re delicious!

Recipes to try:

7. Muffins

A bunch of banana muffins in a muffin tray!

Serve a fruit or small smoothie alongside of a muffin that’s packed with nutritious ingredients and your kids will have a filling breakfast that will satisfy them.

Recipes to try:

8. Granola

Granola cups filled with yogurt and fruit.

Yes, technically granola can be eaten as a cereal, the thing we’re trying to avoid, but these out-of-the-box ideas won’t remind your kids of cereal in any way.

Recipes to try:

9. Chia Pudding

chocolate chia pudding in glasses.

Not only are chia puddings delicious, they’re also filling. There are also tons of flavour variations to choose from. Here are a few to start with.

Recipes to try:

10. Breakfast Popsicles

Yogurt breakfast popsicles

Imagine the look on your kids’ faces when you tell them they’re having popsicles for breakfast! These frozen treats are packed with nutritious ingredients and will likely become a new favourite at the breakfast table.

Recipes to try:

I hope some of these ideas help you when answering the big question: what’s for breakfast? And of course, I hope your kids love them.

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Gwen Leron

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