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Easy, Adorable Holiday Treat: Kiwi Christmas Tree Stackers

Dec 5, 2017

Christmas is coming, which means holiday sweets galore. Most everyone enjoys having a sweet treat now and then — and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with splurging during the holidays — but as a parent, I like to have a few fun and nutritious snack ideas tucked up my sleeve too. Snacks that have enough wow factor to be a hit with the kiddos, but are also healthy and easy to make. And these little kiwi Christmas tree stackers? Well, they fit the bill perfectly.

Here’s what you’ll need to make one of your own:

  • a kiwi
  • a slice of pineapple or mango (or a slice of starfruit!)
  • pomegranate arils
  • a paring knife (or a veggie peeler and butter knife if your little one is making his own snack)
  • a toothpick
  • a small star-shaped cookie cutter (helpful, but not necessary)

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Ingredients and materials for kiwi Christmas trees

These little kiwi tree stackers are ridiculously simple to make, so let’s get started, shall we? First up, peel the skin off of your kiwi. If you’re doing this job, a paring knife works perfectly, but if your little one is doing this part, a veggie peeler is probably best.

A peeled kiwi on a cutting board

Alright, now this next step is optional, though I do think it adds to the overall tree feel of the finished product. Using your knife, trim the sides of the kiwi ever so slightly so that it is narrower at the top and wider at the base — think pyramid! And if you choose to skip this step, not to worry, the completed snack will still look like a tree. (It’ll just be a fuller, rounder tree.)

A peeled kiwi trimmed on the sides to look more like a tree

Whether you decided to trim your kiwi or not, the next step is to turn it on its side and slice it into four or five equal parts. Being that kiwi is soft and easy to cut, you can also give your munchkin a butter knife and invite them to take the lead on this step.

Kiwi sliced into five parts

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While in cutting mode, create a star shape out of your pineapple or mango slice. A small star-shaped cookie cutter makes this job extra easy, but your paring knife and a little freeform cutting will get the job done too — no need to be perfect!

A star cookie cutter pressed into a slice of pineapple

Now it’s time for the assembly stage. Start by flipping your kiwi back upright, but instead of keeping the slices uniform, stagger them back and forth to create little juts and ledges. Next, you’ll want to put the star on top. Do so by inserting the top of the toothpick into the star and then carefully sticking the remainder of the toothpick into the kiwi slices.

The kiwi and pineapple assembled together

Time for the finishing touch — adding pomegranate arils to the tree as decorations. These stick amazingly well to the kiwi and can be placed however you wish or simply sprinkled on top.

And just like that you have a delicious and nutritious edible Christmas tree!

The completed kiwi Christmas tree with pomegranate arils as ornaments

Enjoy! And if you’re in need of a fun and nutritious snack idea for a party or larger group of people, be sure to check out our kiwi Christmas tree platter too.

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