A bagel monster with cut up veggies, fruit and creepy crawler toys!


Make A Spooky Halloween Bento Box For Your Little One To Take For Lunch

Oct 22, 2018

Admittedly, I’m one of those moms who doesn’t mind making school lunches all that much. We do bento-style lunches and I keep them pretty simple (it’s adorable, but no #cutefood here!), so they require one container and come together really quickly, which I love. I also have a little lunch packing ‘formula’ that basically takes all of the thinking out of the job, so that makes it easier too.

This is it:

lunch = a whole grain + a fruit + a veggie + a form of protein + a little bit of a sweet treat

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As much as I love keeping school lunches simple and easy, I also love making them just a little more playful during special days and holidays. This Halloween bento looks fun and festive thanks to the help of a few little things from the dollar store, but actually took no time at all to whip up.

Now just a quick disclaimer: If you’ve never added non-edible bits and pieces to your child’s lunchbox before, it’s probably a good idea to tell your little one it's not for eating before sending them off to school in the morning. And if you do think there’s any chance your child may try to eat the little plastic pieces that are just there for decoration, I’d skip doing this bento box for now and revisit the idea next year. Better safe than sorry.

Googly eyes, caterpillar toys and fake teeth

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a bagel (I love sprouted grain bagels because they’re usually more nutritious and they contain a decent amount of protein)
  • bagel toppings of your choice
  • something to use as googly eye ‘glue’ (a seed butter or cream cheese works perfectly!)
  • some fruit, washed and chopped
  • some veggies, washed and chopped
  • a little sweet treat
  • two googly eyes, one set of plastic fangs, and some plastic creepy crawlies (I wash these in warm soapy water before using them)
  • a bento box or divided container

Ingredients include bagel, carrot, cucumber and grapes, etc.

First fill the bagel with the toppings of your choice — anything your kiddo likes goes! My daughter’s school just went peanut-free this year and she’s been loving the combination of pumpkin seed butter with a little bit of maple honey. I also sprinkle on chia seeds and hemp hearts to up the nutrition a little.

Once the bagel sandwich is made, use a thick, sticky spread to ‘glue’ on the googly eyes. Bend the plastic fangs in half and squeeze them into the hole, and you’ve got yourself a bagel monster!

A bagel with googly eyes and vampire teeth!

Pop your veggies into the container and add a creepy crawly or two on top. I like to cut the veggies in sticks and add a caterpillar or worm because their similar shapes makes it that much more spooky.

Cut up carrots, cucumber and a toy caterpillar.

Same goes for the fruit! Place it in a different section of the container and top it with a few creepy crawlies. If you’re including something soft like kiwi, you can actually press the little spider legs down into the fruit to hold them in place, but bugs that are floating around loose are just as awesome.

The grapes and kiwi have toy spiders in the mix

Finish the lunch off with a little sweet treat and it’s good to go!

A final peek at the spooky lunch!

Happy Halloween to you and your little ones.

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Jen Kossowan

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