Easy, Adorable Holiday Treats: Reindeer Sandwiches

Dec 11, 2017

It is not just Joey from Friends who loves sandwiches. Most people love them, your kids included. But a ham and cheese, or PB & J can become boring after a while. To avoid utterances of 'ugh, again!!!!!!', on special occassions, it can be fun to turn your old standbys into shapes. And that's what we're doing for the holidays. We've taken a classic ham and cheese sandwich and turned it into a reindeer, and it's gosh darn adorable. But you choose the fillings! This is a totally versatile holiday treat, but what we simply can't compromise on is how cute they are. That's an inevitability. 

You Will Need:

  • slices of bread (we chose white bread, but pick your favourite!) 
  • sandwich filling (we went with ham and cheese, but if you want a smoked salmon and cream sandwich sandwich, then you do what feel's right, honey)
  • chocolate chips 
  • red candy
  • round and heart-shape cookie cutters 
  • pretzels (the sticks won't work as well, so aim for full pretzels!) 

To start, make your sandwich. Then take your cookie cutter and cut out your shape. Be firm! The extra bits? Don't throw them out. We ate them, because making delicious and adorable treats for kids makes you hungry. We recommend eating them, too. 

So now you have your shape, and it's beautiful. What a round sandwich. Now let's take it to the next level by giving it some antlers. Grab two pretzels and sandwich them at the top of your, well, sandwich. It should look a little bit like this: 

Wow, that's already a cute sandwich, but it gets better. Next, take two chocolate chips and a red candy. These are the eyes and the nose, so place them accordingly. Again, if you don't like chocolate chips and red candy, find alternatives that work for you. But one note: push the candy details in gently, so they stay in place. Don't use too much force, or else you'll squash your kids' adorable lunch. We sometimes think squashed sandwiches taste better, but in this case you want your reindeer to look super-cute. So be gentle.

Not to toot our own horn too much, but golly that's a jolly sandwich. Kids are going to love them. You're done, so plate 'em up!