Cute School Lunch: Baby Chicks and Nests

Mar 16, 2016

Spring is here! That means Easter will soon be here too.

Cute little baby chicks are always an adorable sign of Easter and your kids will delight in this delicious (and cute!) baby chickie lunch. 

A school lunch with a sandwich that looks like a chick.

You Will Need:

  • 1 sandwich prepared with filling of your choice
  • 1 slice of marble cheese
  • 1 piece of Boston lettuce
  • handful of baby carrots
  • 1 babybel cheese
  • handful of pretzel sticks
  • 2 black currants
  • 2 black sesame seeds
  • a 3-compartment lunch box
  • circle cookie cutter or a large drinking glass

Supplies for this school lunch.


Line the large compartment of your lunch box with a piece of Boston lettuce.

Using a circle cookie cutter or a large drinking glass, cut your sandwich and piece of cheese into a circle shape.

Place the slice of cheese on top of the sandwich and put your sandwich on top of the lettuce in the lunch box.

Slice a baby carrot into a small triangle for the nose, 2 small circles for the feet and 3 thin slices for the head feathers. Place these on your sandwich. Place 2 black currants on the sandwich for eyes. 

Place a handful of pretzel sticks in another compartment of your lunch box. This will be a nest. Peel the wax off your cheese and place the circular cheese on top of the pretzels.

Cut 2 small circles and a triangle from your baby carrot and place them on the piece of cheese, along with 2 black sesame seeds for the eyes.

Slice your remaining baby carrots into thin slices and place these thin carrot slices in the last compartment of your lunch box. 

This post was originally published in April 2014.

Article Author Jill Dubien
Jill Dubien

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