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A Special Snack For The 100th Day Of School

Feb 20, 2017

If you’re a parent of a little one in their first few years of school, you probably know what a big deal 100 Day is. It marks the 100th day of school, and after 100 days of adding a craft stick to the container or a tally to the chart, you can only imagine how excited students are to celebrate their monumental 100th day in their classrooms. Celebrations vary, of course, and range from putting together collections of 100 items, to creating 100 art, to dressing as though you’re 100 years old (which is super cute and absolutely hilarious, by the way).

Another fun activity that takes place in many classrooms is creating a 100 snack — essentially a snack mix containing precisely 100 small snack items. Having taught kindergarten and grade one for many years, I can easily say that this was one of my students’ favourites year in and year out because a) it involves yummy treats and b) because getting to eat ONE HUNDRED of anything is crazy cool. What I loved about it as a teacher is that it gave my students fantastic counting and skip counting practice, allowed them to practice grouping and gave their fine motor skills a great workout — all in what appeared to be a ‘just for fun’ celebratory activity. A total win in my books.

10 different kinds of snacks separated into bowls and ready to be mixed and counted for your 100 Day snack jars

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The other lovely thing about this idea is that it’s just as great at home and makes for the perfect after school snack once your little one is done celebrating at school. And the treats included are totally customizable, so if you’re at a nut-free school, forgo the nuts and include seeds and other delicious nut-free snacks. If you want to make it more of a treat, throw in a few sweet things that your kiddos don’t get all that often. If you want to make it a 100 Day breakfast? Opt for a cereal version! The sky is the limit here.

What you’ll need:

  • small snacks (10 different types)
  • a piece of paper
  • a marker
  • a jar or container

A little girl holding her hands up to count to 10

Let’s get right to it. Since counting is a big part of this activity, I always like to talk about the different ways to count to 100 before getting started. Of course, there’s the usual counting by ones method, but you can also get to 100 by counting by 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s and 25s if you want to be really tricky. I like to let my little ones guide this conversation as much as possible, but since making our 100 snack involves 10 groups of 10, I always make sure that option is covered. Together, discuss just how many 10s are needed to make 100. Kids love to skip count when they get to move or make noise, so make sure to incorporate some jumping, stomping and clapping as you count!

A little girl drawing circles on a piece of paper

Now that we know you can make 100 with 10 groups of 10, it’s time to make our counting mat. To do so, simply invite your little one to draw ten big circles on a sheet of paper using a marker. I like to leave this process up to the kiddos, but you may want to discuss ways to make sure there will be room for all 10 circles without any overlapping happening before setting them loose.

A little girl starting to sort the snacks into the circles drawn on paper

Alright, now for the fun part! Pick one snack to start with and invite your little one to count out 10 pieces and place them in the first circle.

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Close up of the little girl sorting snacks into the circles drawn on paper

Continue the process with each food item, counting by 10s with each new addition.

A little girl using a marker to add up the snacks by 10s

Adding the total number of snacks below each circle provides a great visual and helps keep track of things as you go along.

The assorted snacks in a small jar with a

When your little one reaches 100, have them dump all of their goodies into a jar or container and give them a good shake. And that’s it — a 100 Day snack complete! Enjoy.

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