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5 Non-Candy Halloween Snacks for Classmates

Oct 18, 2017

Halloween is just around the corner, which means one thing: sugar, sugar, and more sugar! And not just during evening trick-or-treating either. Often times, school classrooms have more candy than they know what to do with come Halloween, and I’m sure you can imagine the impact all of those sweet treats have on students. With that in mind, here are 5 festive and fun classroom Halloween treats that kids will enjoy, but that come without the massive sugar high. 



1. Mandarin Jack-o'-Lanterns

Healthy, cute, and super simple! Just cut some eyes and mouths out of sticky yellow office labels and press the pieces firmly into place. If you prefer, these can also be made by using a Sharpie directly on the fruit’s peel. Either way, just be sure to start with room-temperature mandarins.

2. String Cheese Mummies 

String cheese is pretty fun on its own, but disguise it as an adorable little mummy and you’ve got the perfect Halloween snack. To make them, simply hot glue a thin strip of gauze to the top of your string cheese and use the remaining length to wrap the rest of the cheese snack. Secure the loose end with another dab of hot glue and add two little googly eyes peeking out from behind the bandages.

3. Babybel Jack-o'-Lanterns

Okay, so more cheese, but with recent research claiming that cheese and other dairy products may very well be beneficial to dental health, I’d say it makes for a perfect Halloween snack! To make these sweet little jack-o-lanterns, start with the cheddar Babybels that come in the purple wrappers. Remove the plastic packaging to reveal the orange wax layer, then add eyes and a mouth cut out of yellow labels and add a tiny green pipe cleaner stem and twisty vine.

4. Juice Box Ghosts

These are very easy to make and as long as you start with 100% pure fruit juice, they’re much healthier than traditional Halloween treats. To make them, simply tape a rectangle of white paper around the outside of your juice boxes before gluing on a black paper mouth and a couple of googly eyes.

5. Dark-Chocolate Black Cats

Okay, so this one may be pushing the ‘non-candy’ category just a touch, but surely good dark chocolate is in a category all its own, right? I’m glad we all agree. To make these little cats, simply wrap mini dark chocolate bars (we usually go for 72% or higher) with black paper, then add paper eyes, ears and a nose with glue.  Finish them off with some white whiskers drawn on with pencil crayon or crayon and you’re done!

There you have it. Five fun Halloween treats that you can feel good about dropping off at school or daycare this year!

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