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Episode 10 - What Makes Them Tick?

There's an old saying...even the mightiest oak starts out as a nut... And when it comes to revolutionary change and paradigm busting ideas and inventions, the people behind them start out as nuts.  At least that's how they are perceived, fairly or unfairly.  They are often ignored, ridiculed, and ostersized ...at least initially.  Some of them, like the brilliant yet eccentric Nikola Tesla do rise above the naysayers to enjoy their moment in the sun.  Others like Copernicus were burned at the stake only to be vindicated hundreds of years later...small consolation. The vast majority are destined to become curiosities that initially draw a cult following on YouTube, and then are soon forgotten, their contraptions lay rusting in basements and barns. Are they tragic figures or heroes?  Their methods may be suspect but do their ideas have merit?  Are they out of their minds or merely technological prophets ignored in their own land?  This week on Out of Their Minds, we crawl inside the minds of those rare, enigmatic individuals who attempt to follow in the footsteps of Tesla and try to figure out what makes them tick?

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