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Episode 2 - They've lost their senses

Kuchenbecker / Russo

The largest organ on the human body is the skin.  And yet, for some reason, our sense of touch is often overlooked.  In this episode we meet two forward-thinking inventors, who are working to make better use of the sensory receptors in our skin 

Dr. Katherine Kuchenbecker works in the emerging field of haptic technology.  She's developed computers that let people "feel" the pictures being displayed on a monitor.  In addition to being used for surgical training, we'll hear how this technology could drastically improve gaming, and online shopping. 

Our second guest is Dr. Frank Russo.  Along with his team at Ryerson University's SMART LAB, Frank developed the Emoti-chair - a piece of furniture that creates new ways for deaf people to experience music.

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Katherine Kuchenbecker's Lab 

Frank Russo's SMART Lab