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Reality Bites: Getting cheese into your kids' snacks

Yoni.jpgWhen you're shopping for healthy school snacks for the kids, you probably opt for fruit and veggies, granola bars even. But a new study suggests cheese is a good choice. We asked our Reality Bites columnist Dr. Yoni Freedhoff to weigh in:


Dr. Yoni Freedhoff laments too much junk food at daughter's summer camp

Thumbnail image for Yoni.jpgOur Reality Bites columnist Dr. Yoni Freedhoff drops by to talk about all the junk food kids are being fed at summer camps these days:


Reality Bites: Treating obesity as a disease

Our Reality Bites columnist Dr. Yoni Freedhoff explains why a recent decision in the United States, to label obesity as a disease, is a good idea.