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Columnists: January 2014 Archives

Amanda's live music picks

li-ott-amanda-putz-620.jpgWhat better way to take a trip back to Cold War-era Europe than via synth pop from the '80s? Amanda Putz turns on the time machine, and shares some of her recommendations for live music to see this weekend.


And so the campaign donation debate begins...

Ottawa_City_Hall_Hotel_de_ville_d'Ottawa.jpgAs candidates start to register for the 2014 municipal election, so does the debate over who should and should not be able to donate to the election coffers of those running for City Council. Our city hall panel joins Robyn to talk about who's running, and who's paying their bills.


Amanda's music column

li-ott-amanda-putz-620.jpgAmanda Putz drops by to explain how one squeezebox diva got pushed out of her first attempt at a CD release show -- and where she's trying it again! That, and other live music picks for your weekend.