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April 2015 Archives

Our show nominated for three RTDNA Awards

corey-and-jessie-van-essen.jpgHere's one of the three stories nominated: Corey and Jessie Van Essen lost their mother two years ago, and have been determined to keep their household together ever since. But the brothers face many challenges with Corey as the sole caregiver and breadwinner. This story originally aired January, 2014 and has been nominated for best in long feature radio.



Urban Snail Hunter

Snails.jpgClay Shearer is a snail lover. And last summer, he took associate producer Christine Maki out on a snail hunt.

What resulted is a radio soundscape that's radio gold.

Urban Snails has been nominated for an RTDNA Dick Smyth Award for most creative use of sound -- quite a feat, given snails are relatively silent.