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Flood of Responses

julietechphoto.jpgI seem to have struck a chord.

When I produced Zabia Chamberlain's story about harassment inside the federal public service I expected a few responses. I didn't expect a flood.

It's been almost three weeks and I continue to get calls and emails every day...messages such as this one I received just this afternoon:

"I was listening on-line to your insightful report on Zabia Chamberlain's experience of workplace harassment. As a person who has experienced discrimination and harassment in the government workplace, your coverage of this story was very meaningful to me."

Most of the victims of harassment reaching out to me are public servants in the federal or provincial governments. Some are from the private sector. I've heard from people in almost every province.

I've had a number of notes from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada -- the department in which Zabia Chamberlain worked.

I've also received a few letters via snail mail from anonymous sources. One correctly identified the director general who had harassed Zabia (I already knew his name) and left this note:


I realize there's much more to be researched and discussed about harassment in the federal public service. I also realize this demands a political response.

I'm on the assignment. I will report back.

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