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Creative Block

Creative Block airs on Bold TV, CBC’s premier digital station, every Saturday at 6 p.m.

Tune in to Creative Block for a creative explosion of talented musicians, songwriters, designers, bands, authors, dancers, visual artists, actors, and celebrities who all have one thing in common – they've got "creativity"! We showcase some of the best in the arts and entertainment community in one neatly packaged show with flair, energy, and of course - style.

This international award-winning series is hosted by Lucy van Oldenbarneveld from CBC News in Ottawa, with contributors Alan Neal and Maureen Welch. It explores the creative minds of some of Canada's best singers and musicians such as K’Naan, Colin Linden, Prairie Oyster, Kellylee Evans, Tom Wilson and Danny Michel. The series also checks out new young talent such as Amanda Rheaume, Karl Wolfe and Meaghan Smith.

The show features performers who are in their own creative element, such as spoken word artist Oni the Haitian Sensation, beat box artist Julia Dales, and the inspirational dance troupe Propeller Dance. We showcase fashion designer Richard Robinson, visual artists Barbara Buchanan, Shie Kasai and Claudette Hart, best selling authors Malcolm Gladwell and Miriam Toews and actors Craig Lauzon and Brooke Johnson. (See below for our complete line-up)



Bold TV Digital Channel Numbers

Saturdays at 6:00 p.m.
Repeated Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 1 and 4 p.m.

Show 1
Richard Robinson – Canadian fashion designer to the stars
Malcolm Gladwell – International best selling author, journalist and pop sociologist
Propeller Dance Group - A leader in mixed-ability dance in Canada, providing inclusive, accessible and integrated dance programming to people with and without disability.

Show 2

Colin Linden - Juno Award winning guitarist/producer/songwriter (roots/blues)
Amanda Rheaume – Singer/songwriter (pop/rock)
Barb Buchanan – Leather Artist

Show 3

Prairie Oyster – lead singer Russell deCarle
Julia Dales – Beat Box Artist
Oni the Haitian Sensation – Spoken Word Artist

Show 4

Miriam Toews – Winnipeg author, Giller Prize and Governer General award winner
“Over the Top” – short film from emerging filmmakers
Shie Kasai – Montreal visual artist working in sculpture, installation and animation
Highland Dancing - Ottawa RCMP Pipes and Drums Highland Dance Team

Show 5

Trudeau Stories – actor Brooke Johnson – one woman play about P.M Trudeau
Claudette Hart – Gourd Artist from Merrickville
“Old Maid” – short film from emerging filmmakers

Show 6
The Cliks – transgender pop/rock band from Toronto – interview + performance
Paul Wong – video artist from Vancouver

Show 7

K’Naan – Canadian urban/rap artist and poet
Bioboxes – Theatre in a box

Show 8

Danny Michel – award-winning singer/songwriter/musician
Russell Stonebridge – beauty of making this limestone bridge in Russell, Ontario
Kristal Davis – craft designer/artist

Show 9

Ballet for Adults – School of Dance, Merillee Hodgins
Stacey Bafi-Yeboa, Fashion Designer, Kania Fashions
George Wendt – actor who played Norm from “Cheers”
“Steps” – short film from emerging filmmakers

Show 10

Appreciating Shakespeare - with Director Jim McNabb
Company of Fools – comedic drama troupe who perform Shakespeare plays
John Akpata – Spoken word artist – performs “To be or Not to be”

Show 11
Angela Hewitt – world-renowned classical pianist
August Schellenberg & Lisa Ravensbergen – actors from the play Ecstasy of Rita Joe
“At a Loss for Words” - a short film from emerging filmmakers, looking at the acquired language disorder known as Aphasia.

Show 12
Tom Wilson – veteran Canadian rocker/singer/songwriter
Craig Lauzon – Actor/comedian from Royal Canadian Air Farce
Jim Thomson – Ceramic artist from Wakefield, Quebec

Show 13
Karl Wolf – pop/urban singer/songwriter and producer from Montreal
Sonny Assu – contemporary artist from Vancouver
 “Igniting the Imagination”- a short documentary by emerging filmmakers – artist gives an inside look at magic and hypnotism

Show 14
Sheema Khan – author, Of Hockey and Hijab: Reflections of a Canadian Muslim Woman
Valdy – veteran Canadian folksinger and storyteller
Moving Dragon Dance Co - contemporary dance stemming from traditional Asian roots.

Show 15             * Special music compilation show
Kellylee Evans – jazz singing sensation
Emm Gryner – pop indie singer/pianist from Stratford, Ontario
Sal Piamonte – southern blues singer/guitarist
Jessica Linnebach – violinist from the National Arts Centre Orchestra
Amanda Rheaume – pop indie singer/songwriter/guitarist

Show 16
Historical Community Theatre Cinemas – unique gems in Ontario
Mural Art in the Community – artist Carolynne Pynn Trudeau
Robert Clark/Laurie Fagan – Salvage Artists who use recycled materials for home décor
Susan Low-Beer – contemporary ceramic sculpture

Show 17
Matt Ficner – adult puppeteer and filmmaker - Creepy Puppet Project
Uth Ink a mentorship program for young writers

Show 18
Daniel Celebre - Ontario dancer. Michael Jackson’s principal dancer for the This Is It tour. 
Greenfield Main – indie northern country-rock band
Catriona Sturton – musician and multi-instrumentalist

Show 19
Meaghan Smith – Singer/Songwriter/Artist predicted to be the female counterpart to superstar Michael Bublé
Read ‘Em Their Writes – an imaginative literary project using children’s stories
Michael Hosaluk – wood-turning artist from Saskatchewan

Show 20
Sue Foley & Peter Karp – blues singer/musicians, interview
Sue Foley & Peter Karp –  studio performance


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Lucy van Oldenbarneveld

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Lucy van Oldenbarneveld


Maureen Welch
Maureen Welch

Alan Neal
Alan Neal

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