American Journalism Review:The online magazine site.

BuzzMachine: CUNY's Jeff Jarvis on media change.

CAJ: The Canadian Association of Journalists.

CBC Journalistic Standards and Practices: Its guide on conduct.

CBC Ombudsman: The site for CBC Ombudsman Kirk LaPointe.

The Center for Journalism Ethics: The institute for journalism ethics, based at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Columbia Journalism Review: The venerable magazine.

Cyberjournalist: The site for the digital journalist.

Daily Briefing: The weekday summary of media news.

Federation professionelle des journalistes du Quebec: The professional site for Quebec-based journalists.

I Want Media: A weekday package of media news and views.

J-Source: Canadian site for media news and views.

MediaBistro: A weekday package of media news and views.

Media Ethics Magazine: The online home for the mass communications publication.

MediaGazer: A constantly updated digest of topical media-related news.

MediaWire: The weekday source of media news overseen by the Poynter Institute.

National Public Radio Ombudsman: The blog for Edward Schumacher-Matos, ombudsman for NPR.

New York Times Public Editor: The blog for Arthur Brisbane, public editor of The New York Times.

Organization of News Ombudsmen: The site for media ombuds.

PBS Ombudsman: The site for Michael Getler, the PBS ombudsman.

PBS' On The Media: The site for the weekly U.S. public broadcasting program on media issues.

The Poynter Institute: The think-tank with resources galore to ponder the future.

PressThink: NYU's Jay Rosen's site of media commentary.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism: The U.S.-based site for the annual State of the News Media report.

Radio-Canada Ombudsman: The site for Pierre Tourangeau, the ombudsman for Radio-Canada.

Society for Professional Journalists: The ethics code of the organization for journalists.

SPJ Ethics Case Studies: Examples of ethics case studies from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Toronto Star Public Editor:The column for Kathy English, public editor of the Toronto Star.

UNESCO: The United Nations organization's site on media ombuds.

Washington Post Ombudsman: The column for Patrick B. Pexton, Washington Post ombudsman.

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