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Correction of errors

The complaint involves the correction of errors that the complainant brought to CBC's attention. The first error took over a week to correct. Neither error was noted in a corrections and clarifications box on, violating CBC policy. ...

Headline about bid to move UN aviation agency

The complainant objected to a headline about Qatar's bid to move the International Civil Aviation Organization from Montreal to Doha. I found that the headline failed to capture the nuance. ...

A Universal Language

The complainant had concerns about the documentary A Universal Language. While there was no violation of policy, CBC should have included information about the funding of the comedy tour that was the subject of the documentary. ...

Going with a story not your own

The complainant questioned CBC reporting a story based on the work of the Toronto Star, which included some anonymous sources. I found the story was clear about which information was provided by the Star and which was confirmed by CBC. ...

Analysis vs opinion

This complaint raised questions about the point at which perspective and analysis in journalism becomes opinion; and about potential conflict of interest when reporters are sought out as speakers at events. ...

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Our Commitment

The CBC belongs to the people of Canada. As the public broadcaster, the CBC plays a unique role in Canadian journalism. At the CBC information is a public service. The Ombudsman is here to ensure CBC upholds its standards and practices to provide you with information programming of the highest quality.

We recognize your right to accuracy, fairness and integrity in CBC's journalism. And we recognize your right to hold CBC accountable for the quality of its information programming.

To help meet the commitment to excellence - and to help you the citizen exercise your rights - the CBC established the Office of the Ombudsman as an independent institution within the Corporation. The Ombudsman has a mandate to represent listeners, viewers and readers within the CBC, a mandate to address your concerns about the quality of CBC journalism.


The Office of the Ombudsman

The Office of the CBC Ombudsman represents the public to ensure CBC upholds its information standards and practices.

Ombudsman Blog

Two findings released

Since my last blog post I have released two findings following public complaints about CBC news and information content. The first review involved a segment on CBC Radio's The Current on women in combat roles in the military. The complainant ...

Reviews released

Since my last post I have released two findings of reviews following public complaints about CBC news and information content. The first complaint involved CBC Television coverage of violence in the Gaza, in particular whether the content provided adequate background ...

Finding released

Since my last post I have released a finding on a public complaint about a report.. The complaint involved a CBC Vancouver report seen on television, heard on radio and carried online in which CBC News enlisted teens aged ...

Reviews released and under way

Since my last post I have completed five reviews and released their findings. Three more have been launched as a result of public complaints. The first review involved a complaint about the fairness of a and CBC Radio North ...

Next ombudsman for CBC announced

Today CBC announced the appointment of Esther Enkin, the executive editor of CBC News, as its next Ombudsman for English Services. Her appointment is effective January 1, when I will leave the role and serve as an advisor to the ...

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Journalistic Standards and Practices

CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices are its journalistic values. They provide the policy framework within which CBC journalism seeks to meet expectations and obligations.

The Ombudsman's task is to determine whether a program or report has complied with these standards and practices.

Find out more about our standards and practices.

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To make a public complaint to the Office of the Ombudsman, you can use our standard form by clicking here, or you can write to us at the address below.

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