Samsung Rio On The Edge

Samsung Rio On The Edge

The Olympic Games are not only about sports and athletes, but also about the culture, food, music and people who make Rio de Janeiro so unique. Armed with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones, Craig McMorris and Phil Marquis will capture the sights and sounds of the city and experience Rio the only way they can - ON THE EDGE.

Closing Ceremony

Aug 21, 2016

Craig and Phil reflect on their time in Rio with a trophy and champagne shower.

Christ The Redeemer

Aug 21, 2016

Craig and Phil race through the rainforest in search of Christ The Redeemer.

Skateboard Sparks

Aug 21, 2016

Craig and Phil make sparks while skateboarding in Rio.

Amazon Ziplining

Aug 20, 2016

Craig and Phil fly through the Amazon rainforest on zip lines.


Aug 19, 2016

Craig and Phil find their samba groove and go head to head in a dance off.

Mark(et) Tewksbury

Aug 18, 2016

Craig and Phil are joined by Mark Tewksbury as they eat their way through one of Brazil’s oldest markets.


Aug 17, 2016

Craig and Phil grind through a skateboard park in Rio.

Street Skater

Aug 17, 2016

Craig and Phil hit the streets with a local skateboarder for a different view of Rio.

Island Life

Aug 15, 2016

Craig and Phil venture to a nearby island to climb rocks, spot local wildlife, and slip-slide into the ocean.

Media Circus

Aug 15, 2016

Craig and Phil are stoked to hit the media circus with Canadian gold medalist Rosie MacLennan.

Cheer like a local

Aug 14, 2016

Craig and Phil get into the spirit of Brazilian football when they cheer with Fillipe's family.

Street Art

Aug 11, 2016

Craig and Phil leave their mark on Rio when they check out the city’s street art scene.

Beach Culture

Aug 12, 2016

Phil and Craig are masters on the snowy slopes but can they ride the big waves in Rio?

On the Beach

Aug 11, 2016

Can Craig and Phil handle the heat of Rio's Ipanema beach?

Favela football

Aug 11, 2016

Craig and Phil share a heartfelt moment playing football with kids in a favela.

Selaron Steps

Aug 8, 2016

Craig tells the story of the Selaron steps and finds a little piece of Canada hidden in this famous Brazilian landmark.


Aug 5, 2016

Craig and Phil participate in the unofficial Olympic sport of pin-trading.

Song on the Steps

Aug 8, 2016

Craig and Phil discover Brazilian music on Escadaria Selarón.

Ride in the Favelas

Aug 7, 2016

Craig and Phil take a winding ride up the hills of Rio’s Favelas.

Canada Olympic House

Aug 5, 2016

It’s Opening Ceremony night and Craig is feeling the excitement. Craig and Phil share snaps from inside Canada Olympic House!

Biking & Barber Shop

Aug 6, 2016

Living Rio style, Phil and Craig pop some wheelies in search for the beach and trim some off the top in Copacabana.

Barber shop Live

Aug 6, 2016

Craig gives a play-by-play as he gets a new haircut from a Brazilian barber.

Rio Bound

Aug 5, 2016

Craig and Phil are ready to board the plane to Rio but before they do they get in a game of mini-sticks.


Aug 4, 2016

Are Phil and Craig ready for Rio? Is Rio ready for them? Craig serves up a challenge to Phil before they jet for Rio de Janeiro.

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Philippe Marquis

Philippe Marquis

From Whistler to Tremblant, current member of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team Philippe Marquis has blown the competition away in multiple Freestyle Ski World Championships and Freeskiing Grand Prix. His sick tricks and mad speed have also taken him around the world, including representing Canada at Sochi 2014, and this summer, you’ll find him hanging out in Rio, getting some fun in the sun all in celebration of the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Get an up close and personal tour of the Summer Olympics in true Marquis style: 40% adventure, 40% daredevil experiences, and 20% jokes.

Craig McMorris

Craig McMorris

Craig McMorris has defied gravity on more than a few occasions. He’s shown off his flips, tricks and jumps around the world as part of the Canadian National Snowboard Team and has put his snowboard skills to the test by acting as a host and analyst at three X Games. Like his brother Mark, Craig ain’t afraid of anything, and is pumped to trade his snowboard for a skateboard as he heads to Rio for the Summer Olympics.

Will he kick off his adventure with some big air? Yes. Will he "go for gold" and head out on crazy new adventures? You bet. Will you have a front-row seat to the biggest adventure of McMorris' life? Definitely.

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