The FLQ Manifesto is read on Radio-Canada by Gaétan Montreuil on October 8.

Québec's Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte is kidnapped on October 10.

Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau : "Just watch me."

The War Measures Act is invoked on October 16.

The body of Pierre Laporte is found in the trunk of a car at the airport in St. Hubert, Québec on October 17.

The kidnappers of James Cross are tracked down & given safe passage to Cuba in exchange for the release of James Cross.

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40 Years Later...

How the October Crisis ended

On October 17th, the body of Quebec`s labor minister, Pierre Laporte, was found in the trunk of a car, on Montreal's south shore.

But British trade commissioner, James Cross, remained in captivity until December 3rd.

Throughout the crisis, Cross had been held in an apartment on Récollets Street in Montreal North.

Finally, after a police siege and negotiations between the government and the FLQ, James Cross was released in exchange for the safe-conduct of his kidnappers to Cuba.

Here's how events unfolded.

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Charlotte Lehmann of Owen Sound, Ontario sent us her first-hand recollection of the release of James Cross. Read it in our Your Memories section.

'The Ghost of Expo '67'

gopnik-70s.jpg Adam Gopnik has been a writer for the New Yorker since 1986.

He has come to be known as one of the preeminent interpreters of contemporary life writing today.

He now lives in New York with his wife and their two children.

But in October of 1970, Adam Gopnik was 14 years old, and living in Montreal.

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'October 1970'

gagnon-70s.jpg Lysiane Gagnon is a columnist for La Presse and the Globe and Mail. In 1970 she was a young journalist, just starting her career.

Her story is called "October 1970". She translated it herself.

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