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Team CBC Profile - Eilidh Beaton, 5K participant

Posted: Mar 28, 2012 2:29 PM ET Last Updated: Mar 28, 2012 2:29 PM ET
We want you to get to know a few of our Team CBC participants between now and the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon. This week we introduce Eilidh Beaton, originally from Port Hood, NS, and now living in Halifax. Eilidh is running the Ben's Smart 5K at this year's event.

Q: How did you get involved in running?

A: A close friend of mine got me into running as he is a triathlete, and motivated me to get into shape as well.

Q: Is this your first time running in a distance event?

A: This will be my third Blue Nose!

Q: Have you ever run a marathon/half marathon/10K/5K before? What is your training routine?

A: I did run the 5 km Blue Nose in 2010 and again in 2011. I usually start training in February and try to run 2.5 km without stopping, then I increase my distance by 0.5 km every two weeks. I like to be comfortable running 7 km prior to running the 5 km, so I know I'll be OK to finish. Also, I try to start running outside as soon as the weather begins to warm up. I find running outside helps with my breathing and challenges me a bit more then the treadmill does.

Q: What challenges are you facing in your training on the way to the Blue Nose?

A: I've been quite busy with work and everyday life, so I need to force myself to fit a workout in, or make sure I do get my runs in three times a week. Now that spring is here, I find that I'm more motivated to get back into a routine. The wintertime is always a struggle to get to the gym, as it's cold out and it gets dark out so early.

Q: Did you have to overcome any obstacles on the road to the Blue Nose Marathon?

A: I did get runner's knee back in 2009, but had a friend who gave me exercises to help alleviate the problem. Also, I have new sneakers that really help as well. I haven't had problems since, so fingers crossed I have no issues this year!

Q: They say that reaching the finish line at the marathon is an enormous feeling of accomplishment after all your hard work? Can you describe that feeling crossing the line and what is means fulfilling a personal goal running a race?

A: It is indescribable really. There is upbeat music playing, parents running with their babies in strollers, cancer survivors, people running in memory of loved ones. It is a bit overwhelming, but so amazing. The Blue Nose really does motivate you to participate each year. It is almost addictive!

Q: How has Team CBC helped you to prepare for this year's Blue Nose Marathon?

A: I ran with Team CBC last year and had an amazing time.  It also helped me stay motivated! The team is there to answer any questions you may have, provide support, and also allows you to meet new people and make new friends. This year, I've gone to Zumba (which was coordinated and organized by Team CBC) and will be participating in the weekly runs. It is a lot of fun and everyone on the team is so warm and friendly. I just love it!!

Q: How did you hear about Team CBC?

A: I was browsing the news on the CBC website, and noticed the advertisement for Team CBC. I clicked on it to see what it was all about. After reading about it, I decided to join and am I ever happy that I did! It has been such a great experience, and I'm so excited to be running with them again this year!
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