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Special Report: Homeless in Halifax

Posted: February 18, 2013

Last Updated: February 22, 2013

All you need to do is take a stroll down Spring Garden Road in Halifax, and you'll find someone who's homeless. In fact, it's becoming easier to spot people who are living on the streets of Halifax because the numbers are rising. The CBC's Angela MacIvor has spent the last few weeks speaking to people who are homeless, and the people who help them. Watch CBC News Nova Scotia and check this page for new coverage on this topic throughout this week.

Homeless in Halifax

The CBC's Angela MacIvor has spent the last few weeks speaking to people who are homeless, and the people who help them. She sat down with Information Morning Halifax host Don Connolly to preview what's ahead this week.

Audio: Information Morning - February 18, 2013

Street Youth

Street youth are the fastest growing group of the homeless population in Halifax. Last winter, 285 kids ages 19 and under lived on streets. The CBC's Angela MacIvor reports.

Video: Extended Interview - Chantelle D'Eon

Out of the Cold

This marks the busiest time of year for homeless shelters in Halifax. The CBC's Angela MacIvor spent time at one shelter dealing with the high demand.

Video: Extended Interview - Shannon Aulenback

Amber's Story

Homelessness is a growing problem in Halifax. Last year alone, close to two thousand people slept in shelters. The CBC's Angela MacIvor met one young woman living through it this winter. 21-year-old Amber Anderson says she relied on shelters for several weeks, while she waited to get into an apartment.

Video: Extended Interview - Amber Anderson

Ralph Hughes

The list of reasons why people end up on the streets of Halifax is endless, but there's one trigger that leads the pack- the lack of affordable housing options. The CBC's Angela MacIvor talked with Ralph Hughes about his struggle to get into an apartment.

Mobile Outreach Street Health

For many Nova Scotians, finding a family doctor can be a challenge. But imagine how difficult it would be to get treated if you lived on the street. Mobile Outreach Street Health (MOSH) provides one-on-one care for those who have nowhere else to go. The CBC's Angela MacIvor interviewed MOSH nurse Rick Swaine about his role.

A large infographic about Homeless in Halifax

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Nova Scotia Housing and homelessness Network
Affordable Housing Association of Nova Scotia (AHANS)

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