Special Report | Cogswell Interchange

The Road to Nowhere

Halifax is about to right a 45-year wrong: a blight in the centre of the city's historic downtown called the Cogswell Interchange.

The interchange is a tangled mix of roads and ramps to nowhere. It was originally the first step in a waterfront freeway.

Building that freeway meant wiping out the historic waterfront — an idea that enraged the citizens. The highway was cancelled and the waterfront saved. But the interchange remains.

Halifax is a beautiful city. The interchange is ugly and starting to crumble.
Its lifespan is coming to an end. It has to go.

Nobody asked your opinion when the interchange was built.

Here's your chance: How do we turn the Road to Nowhere into a Road to the Future?

Cogswell Interchange Frame

Your Opinions

Do you have an idea for what the Cogswell Interchange could look like?
Or feedback on what's been proposed? We want your opinions.

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